Title town’s TNC terrors promoted by Ashwaubenon dept of Public safety


Previously it was reported that The Green bay police Department had been involved with the Ashwaubenon department of public safety in harassing Green Bay taxis and allowing Uber and Lyft vehicles to violate the law. 

These reports had been improperly confused with reports about the Ashwaubenon Department of public safety and have since been retracted .

The green Bay police department has done a very responsible job of dealing with the Problem of fraudulent rideshares in the Green bay area.


Green Bay Wisconsin (Title Town), home of America’s oldest NFL franchise in continuous operation, the Green Bay Packers.

In Green Bay Ride Safe has found:

-51 Reported and confirmed Uber and Lyft drivers

-1 Sex offender WITH a DUI conviction operating for BOTH Uber and Lyft

-3 Convicted felons With DUI, theft and assault convictions, 2 operating for Uber, 1 operating for both Uber and Lyft.

-0  Drivers with either Uber or Lyft properly insured to provide transportation for money.


An Uber loading outside The Stadium View Bar in green bay at the corner of Holmgren Way and Armed Forces Drive . The vehicle is illegally loading at an intersection in an active lane without hazard lights on.

Even when it was discovered that Uber drivers in green bay were impersonating police to harass and force vetted taxis out of regular pick up areas, Ashweobenon public safety were not motivated to enforce the law and protect the public.


On the contrary, Ride Safe has received numerous complaints about The Ashwaubenon department of public safety actually aiding Uber and lyft.

Ashweobenon law enforcement officers, who split territorial policing aorund Lambeau feild with the Green bay Police department have been reported actually harassing local Taxi company drivers parked in pickup areas while Rideshare vehicles operating for Uber and Lyft are allowed to park for extended amounts of time even without customers loading or unloading in areas not designated for pick up or drop off.

Ashweobenon law enforcement officer have also been noted Allowing Ridehare vehicles to perform illegal U-turns, speed and to park illegally for customer pickup and drop offs.

These are just a few of the aspects of rideshare activity that Ashweobenon law enforcement has openly permitted and encouraged.

While the Ashwaubenon department of public safety is not alone in the nation for promoting the fraudulent and deadly activities of rideshare companies, they are by far the most well noted for doing it.

Ride Safe urges the Ashweobenon department of public safety to consider the gravity of their inaction and in the future consider the safety of the public over the profit of out of state businesses who commit fraud so blatantly and regularly on the streets of green bay.

Title town deserves better.







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