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The California Supreme Court issued a ruling regarding independent contractor misclassification earlier in 2018.  The Dynamex  ruling has broad implications for the so called “gig economy”.

It was only a matter of time before Uber received the “ABC Test” in court.   California Uber drivers have challenged the independent contractor status to no avail since 2013.  The enforcement of arbitration agreements have been a huge obstacle.

Arbitration agreements will not be a factor in Uber’s first ABC Test.

Why is that? 

A competitor in the ground transportation market that employs drivers alleges Uber is misclassifying drivers as independent contractors  in order to gain an unfair competitive advantage.  Diva Limousine has retained some heavyweight law firms to litigate this case.   

The plaintiff is seeking an injunction that would force Uber to employ its drivers.

This may be the beginning of a very good change that will level the playing field and reduce traffic congestion throughout the State of California.

This will also benefit the Uber drivers with minimum wage protection, overtime and workers compensation.

How many Uber drivers in the State of California have died on duty?

Folesha Parker-Iverson was a widow with two daughters.  She was killed by a hit and run DUI driver.  The daughters of the deceased driver were left without workers comp survivor benefits.


Ride Safe would like to thank Diva Limousine for stepping up to the plate in defese of commercial transportation ethics.


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