Uninsured Uber with a revoked license impersonating police in Green Bay

Welcome to Green bay Wisconsin.

This is an Uber Vehicle with plate# 129XGW (A black Chevy Tahoe) found operating in Green Bay.
This driver has been using police lights to run U turns, run stop signs, sit still on roadways in no parking zones as well as active lanes and to force vetted cabs out of his way to steal fares.

Ride Safe World has run the plate and found that the vehicle also has NO COMMERCIAL INSURANCE.

The driver also has an extensive criminal record including a driving AFTER revocation charge.

There is no vetted or insured commercial transportation company ANYWHERE that would have given this person a job.

But unsurprisingly this person is driving their own vehicle for Uber.

GREAT JOB on your background checks Uber and GREAT JOB Wisconsin and Green Bay legislators for allowing this to be legal.

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