Recently Ride Safe discovered that the head of the Green bay Tavern League, Don Mjelde was actually using Lyft as a safe ride service for intoxicated customers leaving ‘Richard Craniums’, the Green Bay bar that Mr. Mjelde also owns.  Several other Wisconsin tavern league member establishments in the Oshkosh and Appleton areas have also been found using lyft for safe ride services.

Official logo of ‘Richard Cranium’s’ bar in Green bay. Richard Cranium’s is owned by Don Mjelde.  *Image from public trademerk notification for ‘Richard Cranium’s’.
Don Mjelde (left) with Dick Leinenkugel (right) . *image from public facebook profile content of Don Mjelde*
‘Richard Cranium’s’ bar in Green Bay, Wisconsin.


On October 3rd Ride Safe interviewed two Uber and Lyft drivers at Austin Straubel Airport in green bay.  One of the drivers was using a falsified plate while the other admitted to not having proper insurance on his vehicle and over charging fans at Packer games.




In September ride safe published this article, concerning the involvement of the Ashwaubenon department of public safety (not to be confused with the Green Bay police department) in promoting the harassment of vetted and insured Taxi drivers in the Green Bay area while allowing Uber and Lyft drivers to violate traffic laws.


At that time Ride Safe had found:

-51 Reported and confirmed Uber and Lyft drivers

-1 Sex offender WITH a DUI conviction operating for BOTH Uber and Lyft

-3 Convicted felons With DUI, theft and assault convictions, 2 operating for Uber, 1 operating for both Uber and Lyft.

-0  Drivers with either Uber or Lyft properly insured to provide transportation for money.


Ride Safe has since reviewed 33 more Uber and Lyft plates submitted to our database from the Green bay area and found none of the additional vehicles have proper insurance to operate commercially.  One vehicle was found operating with a falsified license plate for both Uber and Lyft.


It is for this reason that Ride Safe has released the plate numbers for all uninsured Uber and Lyft drivers onto a search service that we offer for FREE to the public of green bay.

Ride Safe can not endorse transportation services offered by Uber or Lyft because of clear safety issues with both companies.  However we understand that some custoemrs may want to try these services as they are faster and cheaper than vetted and insured taxis.

KEEP IN MIND that Uber and Lyft vehicles are faster and cheaper than Taxis because they provide only selective service to limited areas of the community and THEY HAVE NO PROPER VETTING OR INSURANCE on any of their vehicles.

Not covering insurance and proper background checks on drivers saves Uber and Lyft money while providing only the most statistically unsafe transportation option to customers.


IF YOU MUST take an Uber or Lyft we ask that you use our FREE plate check service. 

This service will allow you to know if the vehicle is safe or not.

Uber and Lyft CAN NOT legally charge you for cancelling a ride if their drivers do not have proper insurance or have a dangerous criminal record in excess of their safety claims.

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