Wisconsin Eye Reports on Press conference at the state capital concerning rideshares and proposed legislation

Ride Safe World would like to thank and congratulate Wisconsin Eye for being the ONE AND ONLY media outlet to properly cover and report on Thursday’s press conference at the capital.

Full Video: http://www.wiseye.org/Video-Archive/Event-Detail/evhdid/11778

Rather than make a convoluted and vague series of nonsensical arguments about the facts presented or the issues at hand, Wisconsin Eye did their jobs as journalists by getting the facts and only the facts to the public.

Reporters with NBC, ABC and even Madison’s local radio station WORT had been on hand at the event as well.

But NONE had reported any actual facts or issues presented in the conference.  WORT actually concluded their reporting of the conference with a commercial for Uber.

Wisconsin Eye simply reported the press conference in it’s entirety and left no speculation or conjecture in the items presented.

It was the goal of Ride Safe to at least have to public notified that there are in fact convicted sex offenders currently driving for Uber and Lyft in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Eye granted us that goal and we appreciate their efforts.