AirBnB “gig” economy fraud for lodging, The official word on AirBNB from Ride Safe.

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AirBnB is indeed another MLM scam not unlike Uber and Lyft. When you sublet a property on AirBnB, you are not required by AirBNB to provide renters insurance, lodging sanitation practices or to inform the property owner if you happen to rent.

If your property is also rented, you are also defrauding your landlord.

One case in particular that is sighted in this article concerns a local resident in Madison, WI who rented a room out of a house they were renting in the Arboretum community on the AirBnB app. There was an insurance claim and because the renter had not told the actual owner and had not arranged proper renters insurance, there was a major loss in property value and the home owner suffered a major loss in their own insurance policy.

From Isthmus article:

Out of 300 AirBNB renters in Madison, only 9 were found providing proper renters insurance and keeping proper sanitation service on them.
This reflects the same low standard for proper vetting, insurance and sanitation that AirBnB providers commit in EVERY community they operate in around the globe.

Just like with commercial transportation, commercial lodging involves expensive vetting, insurance and sanitation practices that owner/operators must abide in order to avoid fraud, personal injury and deadly cost issues.

The “GIG” economy or “sharring-economy” as it is called, is little more than a series of work-arounds and fraudulent practices used by Multi Level Marketing (MLM) and Pyramid scheme companies in order to involve partners and/or employees in fraudulent businesses for profit.

The Partner, Employee and the customer are saddled with all of the cost and liability and given what seem like fair terms and services for the prices while the company running them always profit, even when these insurance and liability issues turn deadly.

This is the very maxim of any pyramid scheme or Multi Level Marketing Business.
To make money while being free of any accountability is the goal of all corrupt businesses.

If you use AirBNB ALWAYS demand of the renter, a copy of their lodging renters insurance and a notice from their property owner (if they rent) that states they have permission to sublet lodging.
If they do not have either available DO NOT use their rental as you would be involving yourself in fraud and using an uninsured rental that will cost YOU if anything were to happen.

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