Interview with Lee Ward, ALPHA, Sheffield, COVID-19 in the UK, effects on the industry, Uber, transportation, government response (video)

Hits: 216Interview with Lee Ward Administrator of ALPHA transportation co-op in Sheffield, UK and Driver of Sheffield city Taxi. -Situation in the UK/Sheffield, compensation to drivers, treatment by government, political dynamics and sides -UK regulators and structure -Behavior of uber and their drivers in the UK, Uber’s UK TOS/contracting -Run through of sanitation and procedure questions

LIVECASTS (3-21-2020) World Wide Call-in Ride Safe PSA, COVID-19 prevention measures, AVOID INSTACART, POSTMATES, UBER, LYFT, DOORDASH, GRUBHUB, EATSTREET, and other ‘gig’ app companies for deliveries.

*Drivers working for INSTACART, POSTMATES, UBER, LYFT and other ‘gig’ app companies ARE NOT following recommended safety and health advisory when conducting services.

Ride Safe, COVID-19/CORONAVIRUS public advisory, *RIDESHARES UBER & LYFT NOT SAFE!* Traditional Taxis, Bus, Limo and AP shuttles continue too obey advisories and following safe procedures.

Hits: 444*Rideshare TNC companies Uber and Lyft continue to avoid responsible action during the COVID-19 pandemic. *Ride safe has received regular updates from traditional Taxi, Bus, Limo and Shuttle providers indicating that their model of commercial transportation reamins safer, healthier and insured by comparison to Rideshare TNC services. *Ride Safe advises commuters and travelers to avoid Rideshare TNC services. *Taxi, Limo, Bus and Shuttle operators continue to maintain driver health checks by dispatch staff, regular monitored cleaning of vehicles, onboard sanitizer supplies onboard each vehicle, fully insured services, live monitor…

Ride Safe PSA, COVID-19/Coronavirus Ride Safe Livecast, Uber & Lyft are still the largest safety/health threat in commercial transportation.

Hits: 307Livecast and public advisory: Link During the COVID-19/Coronavirus outbreak Ride Safe urges all commercial transportation providers to keep vehicles clean and customers safe. Uber and Lyft remain a clear danger to the public as their policies and operations DO NOT properly address preventative measures, customer safety or health. UBER AND LYFT ARE A DANGER TO THE PUBLIC The sanitation, driver background check and daily check standards and prevention measures with Uber and Lyft are very poor compared to Traditional taxi, Bus and Limo operations. Uber and Lyft…

The gig economy’s effect on politics, economics and human consciousness – Selling A Nightmare

Hits: 689As there are now many businesses that fall under the classification of ‘gig’, ‘on-demand’ or ‘sharing-economy’ businesses, we will examine the effects of the five most influential and commonly used app based services. Task Rabbit Uber (Uber Technologies) Lyft Instacart Postmates TaskRabbit We begin with Task Rabbit because this company was essentially the first web/app based service provider that operated by providing services through a third party without properly established insurance, vetting (background checks) or training. From Task Rabbit’s Wiki page: “TaskRabbit is an American online and mobile marketplace that matches freelance…

Ride Safe testimony to House Transportation Committee, Fraudulent operations of Rideshare TNC companies and effect of ‘GIG’ economy.

Hits: 166Ride Safe has submitted THIS report to the US house committee on transportation.

AirBnB “gig” economy fraud for lodging, The official word on AirBNB from Ride Safe.

Hits: 91AirBnB is indeed another MLM scam not unlike Uber and Lyft. When you sublet a property on AirBnB, you are not required by AirBNB to provide renters insurance, lodging sanitation practices or to inform the property owner if you happen to rent. If your property is also rented, you are also defrauding your landlord. One case in particular that is sighted in this article concerns a local resident in Madison, WI who rented a room out of a house they were renting in the Arboretum community on the AirBnB…

What a short strange TRYP it was. Exposing the TRYP pyramid scam and an interview with TRYP SVP Bill Crosby (video)

Hits: 159In follow up to our earlier article exposing the TYRP pyramid scam, I have finished this video covering the various fraudulent aspects of TRYP as well as an interview with TRYP “SVP of Growth”, Bill Crosby.

Instead of actual background checks or proper driver vetting, Lyft promises algorithms to predict when your driver may be sexually assaulting you.

Hits: 383Since 2014 Ride Safe has pleaded with regulators and government officials to mandate that rideshare companies use a real background checking process on drivers. Currently the background checking and vetting procedures for Uber and Lyft neglect to check: *Criminal records in all 50 US states. *The majority of criminal history from countries outside the US. *Most criminal history beyond 7 to 10 years. *Verification of vehicle documentation including insurance policy, vehicle registration and vehicle title. *Identity of the person submitting the information during the application process. *Identity of the…