Ride Safe testimony to House Transportation Committee, Fraudulent operations of Rideshare TNC companies and effect of ‘GIG’ economy.

Hits: 116Ride Safe has submitted THIS report to the US house committee on transportation. https://ridesafeworld.com/submission-to-house-of-representatives-house-committee-on-transportation-and-infrastructure-peter-defazio-impact-of-rideshare-tncs-pyramid-schemes-ponzi-schemes-crime-rates-sexual-assaults

AirBnB “gig” economy fraud for lodging, The official word on AirBNB from Ride Safe.

Hits: 68AirBnB is indeed another MLM scam not unlike Uber and Lyft. When you sublet a property on AirBnB, you are not required by AirBNB to provide renters insurance, lodging sanitation practices or to inform the property owner if you happen to rent. If your property is also rented, you are also defrauding your landlord. One case in particular that is sighted in this article concerns a local resident in Madison, WI who rented a room out of a house they were renting in the Arboretum community on the AirBnB…

What a short strange TRYP it was. Exposing the TRYP pyramid scam and an interview with TRYP SVP Bill Crosby (video)

Hits: 129In follow up to our earlier article exposing the TYRP pyramid scam, I have finished this video covering the various fraudulent aspects of TRYP as well as an interview with TRYP “SVP of Growth”, Bill Crosby.

The Taxi Spring, Uber and Lyft IPO disasters offer a new chance for the taxi Industry to bring safety and accountability back to transportation.

Hits: 66Market analysts are calling today’s launch of the Uber IPO onto the stock exchange “The worst performing stock in US Stock Market History” . The now ONE-day-old Uber stock went through a sharp crash, a slight up tick and then an even lower crash to round out the day with a more than 3 point (7.62%) loss. This of course follows the vicious cycle of losses suffered by Lyft’s IPO which was introduced last month. The Lyft stock currently trades at nearly half it’s initial value and still has…

Legal Aid for Accidents and assault

Hits: 126Ride Safe approved legal council. Legal resources for: victims of Rideshare, Taxi or other transportation provider negligence, theft or assault. Transportation providers effected by uninsured or poorly vetted transportation providers. Law Offices of Jason RichardAddress: 133 E Garfield Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53212 Hours: Open 24 hours Phone: (414) 232-1792 www.jrichardlaw.com Ride Safe does no profit from any legal actions taken or for referrals to legal council.

Housing fraud and slum lord practices of Lakeshore Management

Hits: 527The mobile home park management company Lakeshore Management , has in recent years begun a process of buying up mobile home parks in the US and running them as slums. One such mobile home park is OakPark Terrace in Madison, Wisconsin. Abandoned mobile homes left through out the park rotting for years. Unsafe trailers offered for sale to the public. Original archive of trailer sale: slumforsaleinoakparkterracebylakeshoure Low lighting conditions due to lack of proper street lighting leading to crime and difficulty for responding law enforcement. Deficient power and water…