Corrupt politicians

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Since 2014 Rideshare companies have spent more money lobbying and bribing political figures than any other transportation lobby.

This has resulted in a resounding corruption of political systems in several countries.

Ubered Politicians
Ubered Politicians is in Tallahassee, Florida.
TALLAHASSEE — A suspended city commissioner who once ran the Florida Democratic Party pleaded guilty to corruption charges on Tuesday, admitting he accepted money from Uber and undercover FBI agents in exchange for his influence.
Ubered Politicians
Ubered Politicians
“To showcase the differences between Democrats and Republicans, Walkers used an analogy comparing Republicans to Uber and Democrats to heavily-regulated taxis.

“Republicans, we’re like Uber or Lyft… as long as the driver and passenger are safe, they don’t care whether you drive once a day or one hundred times a day,” he said. “That’s what we’re like, as long as you don’t hurt the health and safety of your neighbor, we don’t care. Go do your own thing.”

And he is right. Uber and lyft have also:

Destroyed over 80 years of wage and labor rights.

Normalised corporate tax sheltering at a time when legislation had nearly begun regulating it.

Made the most unsafe and uninsured method of transportion since the invention of the motor car.

Normalised the idea that a record epidemic of sexual assaults commited by rideshare drivers is an acceptable collateral damage.