Criminal companies = Criminal investors, Uber investors involved in fraud, murder, corruption and bribery

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Yet another investor in Uber has been implicated in criminal activity OUTSIDE of their involvement with the criminally complicit Uber.

William McGlashan Jr, Bribery

One of Uber’s biggest investors and founder of the TPG Growth asset management firm is William McGlashan Jr.
William McGlashan Jr has joined other rich and affluent parents as implicated and charged in a recent college entrance bribing scandal.

Lance Armstrong, Fraud, Doping

One of Uber’s earliest investors Lance Armstrong is best known for his use of performance enhancing drugs to win cycling competitions.

Mohammed bin Salman, Murder

Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is in control of Uber’s largest foreign government investment of $3.5 Billion dollars, is still the primary suspect in organizing the public assasination of journalist
Jamal Khashoggi
. The Saudi investment helped Uber consolidate several legal issues and settle market conflict with rival Rideshare companies.

In the very last article on ride safe we covered the recent findings of this CNN article and new data from a surge of sexual assault reports concerning uber in the last four years.

Indicating that the rideshare giant Uber now contributes THE LARGEST ANNUAL NUMBER OF SEXUAL ASSAULTS EVER RECORDED in commercial transportation since the invention of the motor car.

Instead of instituting fingerprint background checks or any rational means of properly vetting drivers or insuring safety for customers, Uber continues to operate with no accountability and profits from a system of commercial transportation that is inherently criminal.

Because it promotes criminals not only to be behind the wheel but also in the investment pool.

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