Editorial, boldly going where to many sell-outs have gone before, in a galaxy to close to home. Patrick Stewart and Mark Hamill prove that every hero has their price.

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I had noticed the ads three days ago but tried my best to ignore them. Patrick Stweart and mark Hamill, advertising Uber Eats with plucky, basement and frat house dweller delivery favorites and parlor games between rough one liners in a dingy warehouse backdrop.

So much grit and grime to strengthen the narrative that this delivery service will save you from mediocrity.

Mark Hamill and Patrick Steward in an Uber Eats ad.

I was already reeling from the Death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the monumental political nightmare that Donald Trump has created in it’s wake. These kinds of deaths are said to happen in threes. Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart selling out to Uber are definitely the Second and Third great losses this civilization will suffer.

By 2019 Uber and Lyft had long surpassed the combined taxi providers of North America, Europe and Australia in the number of sexual assaults, robberies and murders committed by drivers against customers on an annual average.

-The average customer assault complaints against Taxi providers in New York, London and Sydney between 2005 and 2019 was 12 per year for each city.

-The average customer assault complaints for Uber, lyft and Uber Eats drivers from 2013 to 2019 is 50 A WEEK as admitted by both Uber and Lyft.

Due to numerous litigation, media manipulation and report supression schemes, Uber and Lyft have done well in suppressing the actual inherent danger of their services compared to traditional taxi and delivery services.

Current laws also allow Rideshare and other gig/app companies to avoid proper reporting of dangerous operations.

Virtually every US state now maintains rideshare and gig economy legislation which allows this specific service industry a free pass in proper background check, safety, health and insurance regulations.

The result of course being a constant stream of assaults on customers, far to many of which are sexual in nature and being committed against women as young as SIXTEEN years of age.

As the administrator of Ride Safe, I often have to interview these assault victims.

When my father failed to be responsible and abused his family, I crawled into a world of sci-fi and fantasy to escape.

Luke Skywalker (Hamill: Star Wars) and Kenny Dantley (Hamill: Corvette Summer) were my first heroes. They were both unfortunate kids who found something amazing and conquered impossible odes in their lives.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Stewart: Star Trek), ALSO FRENCH, and a pragmatic leader with the wit and humor of what every responsible father should be.

Both always did what was right and they would never have sold out.

For decades the convictions and dedication to justice of these characters was reflected by each actor in real life. I found that amazing and endearing.

Along with Tom Baker (the 4th Doctor Who), Robotech’s Rick Hunter and various other characters from Sci-fi television and film, I found role models that filled at least to some part, a childhood devoid of a real father figure.

Seeing BOTH Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart shilling for a company that has been at the core of the issues my non-profit deals with was instantly something I wanted to ignore and put our of my mind.

Life is a series of let downs. When I discovered that Beck was a scientologist, when the allegations against Bill Cosby turned out to be true, when the allegations against Louis CK turned out to be true and of course when Hunter S. Thompson killed himself. These were instances where small parts of me broke inside as I faced that fact that every hero has a horrible fault or a selling point where their once iron clad and seemingly infallible moral station can wither and die in an instant of weakness or greed.

I can always forgive weakness to a certain degree but never greed and NEVER greed for the sake of a company that is literally a rape-for-profit venture.

I slept on it and then slept on it again. This is all I could bring myself to comment on the subject.

I would very much hope that Patrick Stewart and mark Hamill are happy with their success and money from this venture with Uber.

They do not have to actually face ever documenting in person, a sexual assault from a young woman who was beaten half to death, raped, cut, dragged to one location while unconscious and bleeding, raped again, then dragged into her own home and dumped in her own bed by her uber driver who was never even given an actual background check. The same Uber driver then leaving her there bleeding and assuming that she would simply die from the severity of bleeding.

They never have to document via interview, the story of a 17 year old girl raped in the back of her uber, by her driver, not even two blocks from her home. Only to find later that not only was that driver never given a real background check but he had lied to his own insurance company about using his own car for commercial purposes.

I sincerely hope they never will have to actually deal with any of it in this capacity.

It is painful and it keeps me awake remembering the pain in their voices and the helplessness they feel when they realize that the companies that caused this to happen, get away with it to the tune of thousands of times a year, as a means for them to profit. Listening to a young woman no older than my own daughters who is still in shock when recounting the incident and trying to make sense of it in her mind while it is polluted with the horrible memories of feelings and words from her attacker.

I contemplate how it may eventually be better to simply end my life rather than remember all of this and how little impact it has had trying to find justice for these people while so many ignore the issue and then actually profit from it. I don’t see how I will ever grow old and be happy or at ease while these towering figures who have inspired so much hope and honesty, now sit complacent, without a shred of dignity or forethought to having done this.

I would assume that both Hamill and Stewart knew how to research roles. Maybe not so much the case with the Picard series or virtually anything dedicated to film featuring Hamill between 1985 and 2019 (not counting the voice acting) but at the very least I would have thought that they had at least considered the rate of sexual assaults to be an issue before taking these roles from Uber.

I never feel that a celebrity owes anyone their signature or an instant of conversation. Imagine thousands of people, every day, wanting your time in each and every minute.

If it were not for the money and adoration, I imagine it would be quite horrible.

I would indeed like to know how much it took for them to sell out and why it is so easy for them compared to something that would have actually helped mankind in any way, shape or form by comparison.

in this instance, I feel I need an explanation. But with the damage already done, what is the point?

It doesn’t make the world less real and it doesn’t deconstruct my resolve.

I do not need Captain Jean-Luc Picard or Luke Skywalker anymore.

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