Editorial; Dismantling Tabloid, A short lesson in falsified claims

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This is an article which was published by News.com.au


News.com.au is a publication which maintains tabloid and click bait ad stream on it’s pages.  In it’s ‘about’ section it claims to be owned by News Corp.

As this link leads to a tabloid article with intrusive mallware links.

The article was posted to a Facebook group that I also administrate.  I removed the article when fact checking showed that it’s title was directly contradicted by the article content.

The group member who posted the article then began a trolling campaign to decry my actions and claim that I had wrongfully removed the article.

The article does not indicate a name for the Taxi company that the driver was working for or establish that it was even the driver who attacked the victim.

The only segment of the article indicating that it could have been the driver were unsubstantiated statements made by the victim and his girlfriend.

Mr Fraser says what seemed like a casual chat enraged the driver to such an extent that he grabbed a weapon from his car, followed his passenger to the door and beat him almost to death with it.

The driver struck him from behind with a crowbar,” she said. “(He) suffers bad PTSD and has recurring flashbacks and nightmares which means he hardly sleeps.

However the same article also states that it in fact WAS NOT he Taxi driver who attacked Euan Fraser.

News.com.au approached Victoria Police for comment. In a statement, police said they are investigating.

“It is believed a man was standing outside his home address on Fawkner Street in the early hours of the morning when he was struck in the back of the head by an unknown offender,” the statement said.

“The victim, 29-years-old at the time, sustained serious head injuries. The victim reported having a verbal altercation with a taxi driver prior to the incident.

“Investigators have not identified the offender at this stage and the investigation remains ongoing.”

This is a perfect example of Tabloid journalism.  Tabloid is of course the modern day term for propaganda.

Lets start with the article’s title.

Scottish ex-cage fighter suffering ‘recurring flashbacks’ after taxi driver bashing in Melbourne

Notice how this statement could establish the idea that it was the Taxi driver who committed the assault yet still does not clearly indicate that it was the Taxi driver.

By using the term “bashing” the publication could be referring to a verbal bashing of one party to another.  It was only established by the police that the victim may have argued with the Taxi driver.

However the police clearly stated that the actual attacker is unknown and not identified.

The statement of the victim and his girlfriend have been used out of context.  Their statements were made at a time BEFORE the police investigation and the determination that it WAS NOT the victim’s Taxi driver who attacked him.

This is another popular way to establish a false idea in the mind of the reader without actually lying about the events or what was said about the events despite any contradiction to the facts of the events.

The person who posted the article is Shane Milsom of Brisbane, Australia.

Shane Milsom

Milsom is an Uber driver in Brisbane.

Shane maintains that I have wronged him and that I have removed a fact of taxi assaults from the public eye in order to intentionally make Taxis look better compared to Ridehsares.

This is a screen capture of Milsom’s public facebook activity:



If Milsom’s claims were true then why have I reported over 15 Taxi companies for fraudulent business practices and falsified credentials?

Why does Ride Safe list all of the incidents of taxi drivers committing crimes along side every recorded incident of rideshare drivers committing crimes?

The only important fact of the matter in the comparison between Taxi and Rideshares drivers is in how few taxi drivers commit crimes compared to their ridehsare (Uber & Lyft) counterparts.

This is a fact that no party, not even Uber and Lyft have disputed or even attempted to dispute.



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