Editorial, The self contradiction of Rideshare drivers

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What amazes me to this day is how exactly a person agrees to contracting that eliminates their right to organize, to petition, to action their employer in court and eliminates their right to be treated with any accountability by the employer, yet they attempt to organize and petition that employer.
But they do not petition that employer for the most deadly aspects of any wrong doing. Like the record increase in assaults on customers, the over all lack of comprehensive insurance or MAYBE changing these same fraudulent terms in the contracting that would allow for any change at all.
They instead ask for more money for themselves. Something they have NEVER gotten with over a dozen protest efforts world wide over three years because as they are out there trying to organize, they have already made a clear statement that their organizing means nothing.
Not just because they already signed an agreement (that none of them have read or understand) but in their own infantile and selfish actions by ignoring the plight of others that they have contributed to in order to make the argument about their own pockets.
Neither of these documents has changed to grant drivers any rights or fair wages and they never will.
Because adding such liability would put these companies out of business.
If you drive for them, you contribute to this being the norm in our civilization.
If you use them, you contribute to this being the norm in our civilization.

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