Housing fraud and slum lord practices of Lakeshore Management

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The mobile home park management company Lakeshore Management , has in recent years begun a process of buying up mobile home parks in the US and running them as slums.

One such mobile home park is OakPark Terrace in Madison, Wisconsin.

Abandoned mobile homes left through out the park rotting for years.

Unsafe trailers offered for sale to the public.

Original archive of trailer sale:


Low lighting conditions due to lack of proper street lighting leading to crime and difficulty for responding law enforcement.

Deficient power and water utilities (which are the responsibility of Lakeshore management to maintain) that have not been updated to code or serviced in decades.

Dirty water.

Residents of Oakpark Terrace, a Lakeshore mobile home park in Madison Wisconsin have recently been presented new lease terms which are fraudulent in nature and an additional rent increase of $20 a month on top of the same increases each year since 2013.

Some residents pay as much as $700 a month for the same properties and conditions while others pay as little as $603

Lakeshore Management has threatened residents with fines and legal action for organizing and communicating with each other.

Lakeshore Management has also informed residents that they have no constitutional rights.

Recent Letters sent to Oakpark Residents from Lakeshore Management:

LT J. La Plante 1.5.19 

The above letter is to me (Justin La Plante). 

I have been trying to organize residents, let them know of their rights and inform residents of unfair practices by Lakeshore management.

I am a resident of Oakpark Terrace as well.

LT Residents 1.4.19 general

This is the letter Lakeshore Management sent to my fellow residents.

In Ride Safe’s efforts to create safer roads, we have taken up many other community service efforts as well.

While we continue to petition for our own efforts, we can not ignore the needs of our communities.

Please urge your elected officials to also consider fair housing as well as safer roads.

If you would like to help the residents of Oakpark terrace, please reach out to the city council of Madison Wisconsin: allalders@cityofmadison.com or the Administrator of ride safe: Justin@ridesafeworld.com

THANK YOU for taking the time to review this issue.

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