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This page contains the total collection of incidents published in the media concerning crime and accidents in all Rideshare and Taxi operations world wide.


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Lyft and Its Driver Sued in Death of Young West Hollywood, California Man (8/21/18)

Passenger Sues Lyft and Both Drivers After Fatal DUI Crash in Chicago, Illinois (6/8/18)

Denver, Colorado Uber Driver Fatally Shoots Passenger after Apparent Argument, Police Say (6/1/18)

Woman Killed in Uber Accident in Goleta, California (3/30/2018)

Lyft Passenger Killed in Fatal Hit-and-Run on Los Angeles, California Freeway After Driver Demands He Exits Vehicle (2/7/18)

Sacramento, California Man Dies in Lyft Accident (1/23/18)

Uber Driver With Criminal Past Arrested For Murder of British Woman Diplomat in Beirut, Lebanon (12/18/17)

New York, New York Uber Passenger Killed In Crash, Driver Had Suspended License  (12/18/17)

Atlanta, Georgia Uber Driver Strikes and Kills Crossing Guard with Car (12/14/17)

Sydney, Australia Uber Driver Charged After Passenger Death (12/5/17)

Birmingham, England Uber Driver Accused of Smothering His Two Children to Death (11/8/17)

New York, New York Terror Suspect Who Allegedly Killed Eight Was an Uber Driver (10/31/17)

Two Dead in Uber Crash in Bengaluru, India (10/15/17)

Lyft Passenger Dies in Car Crash in Washington, DC (9/21/17)

Police: Saint Petersburg, Florida Man Dies after Punch from Uber Driver (8/12/17)

Third Fatality in Singapore Involving an Uber Driver (7/10/17)

New York, New York Uber Driver Confesses To Killing Cousin (6/27/17)

Ex-Uber driver arrested in connection with Florida woman’s murder (6/2/17)

Off-duty Uber, Lyft driver charged in deadly Clayton County, Georgia crash (5/23/17)

Singapore Uber Driver Fined After Causing Pedestrian’s Death (3/30/17)

Man dies following crash in which an Uber also set off fiery explosion at Seattle gas station in Seattle, Washington(3/16/17)

Uber Driver Arrested After Fatally Hitting Man in Crosswalk, New York PD Says (1/19/17)

Uber Kills Queensland, Australia Man after Running Him Over in His Driveway (12/2/16)

Florida Uber Driver Found Guilty of Running Red Light in Fatal Crash (10/14/16)

New Dehli Uber Cab Crash: Driver Will Face Negligence Charge (9/30/16)

Young Woman Dies in What Could be the First Fatal Accident Involving Uber in Singapore (9/28/16)

Federal Officer and Part-Time Uber Driver Sentenced to 5 Years for Fatal Drunken Driving Crash in Montgomery County, Maryland (8/3/16)

Woman Dies After Being Struck by Uber Driver in North Philadelphia (6/1/16)

Florida Crash Victim’s Family Files Negligence Lawsuit Against Seminole County Deputy, Uber Driver (4/19/16)

Uber Driver Shoots and Kills Six People and Wounded Two Others in Kalamazoo, Michigan (2/22/16)

Pedestrian Struck By An Uber Driver in Connecticut Pronounced Dead at Hospital (2/22/16)

Uber and Uber Driver Sued for Negligence After Collision Kills Passenger in Miami (1/14/16)

Lyft facing a wrongful death lawsuit after one of its drivers allegedly struck and killed Miami motorcyclist (11/19/15)

Woman Dies After Being Run Over by the Rear Wheel of an Uber Vehicle in Columbus, OH  (8/28/15)

Manhattan Uber Driver Strikes and Kills Pedestrian (3/10/15)

Lyft’s First Fatality: Passenger Dies In Crash Near Sacramento (11/2/14)

Seven-Year-Old San Francisco Girl Struck and Killed by Uber Driver; Uber Denies Responsibility (5/7/14)






Alleged Assaults by Uber and Lyft Drivers


[vc_column_text]Former New Orleans, Luisiana EMT Says Uber Driver Punched Him in Face after ‘Worst Ride’ of His Life(8/25/18)

Former Teen Vogue Editor Elaine Welteroth says Brooklyn, New York Uber Driver Assaulted Her and Called Police (7/3/18)

San Diego, California Lyft Driver Stabs Passenger After Argument Over Drop-off Location (6/30/18)

Port Richey, Florida Uber Driver Charged with Pointing Gun at Motorist Because He was Upset She was Texting (6/22/18)

Passenger Claims Chicago, Illinois Lyft Driver Assaulted Him for Speed Complaint (6/14/18)

Memphis Uber Driver Allegedly Attacks Passenger With Baseball Bat (6/4/18)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Uber Driver Allegedly Threatens Passenger with Gun (5/25/18)

Man Claims He Was Threatened by Another Denver Uber Driver with Gun (5/24/18)

Nashville, Tennessee Woman Says Uber Driver Yelled at Her, Hit Her With Metal Bar (4/1/18)

Uber Driver Allegedly Threatens Passengers with Knife, Slaps Them in Lakewood Ohio (3/19/18)

Two Uber Drivers Involved In Attack On Taxi Driver In Bucharest, Romania (1/18/18)

Acton, Massachusetts Man Allegedly Pulled From Vehicle And Assaulted By Uber Driver (1/15/18)

Mount Olive, Pennsylvania Uber Driver Allegedly Threatens Woman With Knife (1/4/18)

Charlotte, North Carolina Uber Driver Allegedly Robs, Passenger, Grabs Him By Neck (1/2/18)

Richmond, Virginia Woman Says Uber Driver Hit Her (12/21/17)

Chicago, Illinois Lyft Driver Allegedly Waved Gun At Passengers, Yelled Threats and Slurs (12/12/17)

77-Year-Old Fort Worth, Texas Woman Claiming Assault Files Suit Against Uber (12/8/17)

Bogota, Colombia Man Allegedly Thrown Out of Moving Uber by Driver (12/8/17)

Singapore Uber Driver Accused of Backing Car into Man, Punching Him (12/7/17)

Baldwin Borough, Pennsylvania Passenger Sues Lyft, Says Driver Hit Him (12/2/17)

Fitchburg, Wisconsin Uber Driver Charged With Beating and Raping Passenger (11/30/17)

Police Charge Boston, Massachusetts Lyft Driver for Assaulting 2 Passengers (11/27/17)

Bangalore, India Uber Driver Allegedly Beats Up Passenger (11/6/17)

Uber Driver Forced Chicago, Illinois Professor Out Of Car, Injuring Her, She Says (10/23/17)

St. Augustine, Florida Uber Driver Arrested for Pulling Knife on Rider: Police (10/17/17)

Football Fan Stabbed By Uber Driver In Downtown Atlanta, Georgia: Police (10/6/17)

SPD: Attempted Assault on SU Student by Syracuse, New York Uber Driver under Investigation (9/29/17)

Detroit, Michigan Woman Injured after Refusing to Give Uber Driver Sexual Favors (9/25/17)

Wandsworth, England Uber Driver Allegedly Hit and Kicked His Pregnant Wife (9/11/17)

Madison, Wisconsin Man Attacked and Robbed by Uber Driver (9/3/17)

Lyft Driver Charged with Pointing Gun at Passengers in Lake View, Illinois (9/2/17)

London, England Uber Driver Attacked Police with Sword, Arrested on Suspicion of Terrorism (8/31/17)

Uber Driver Tried to Mow Down San Diego, California Couple: Lawsuit (8/14/17)

Police: Saint Petersburg, Florida Man Dies after Punch from Uber Driver (8/12/17)

Uber Sued After Driver Allegedly Ambushes Chicago, Illinois Passenger at Home With Metal Rod (8/12/17)

Uber Driver Arrested for Punching New York City Traffic Agent (8/10/17)

Louisville, Kentucky Uber Driver in Court for Assault (7/27/17)

Johannesburg, South Africa Uber Driver In Court For Attacking Police Officer (7/17/17)

Uber Driver Allegedly Fires Gun At Adventure Island in Tampa, Florida (6/26/17)

Austin, Texas Lyft Driver Accused Of Pulling Gun On Pedicab Driver (6/24/17)

Atlanta, Georgia Woman Says Lyft Driver Attacked Her (6/20/17)

Uber driver steals passenger’s Rolex after struggle, New Orleans, Louisiana PD says (6/6/17)

Florida Uber driver arrested for strong arm robbery (6/4/17)

Uber driver accused of twice punching male passenger in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania ride (5/7/17)

Uber driver ‘smacked female customer leaving her with black eye, called her a white b***h and threw keys at her baby daughter’ in South London, The United Kingdom (3/16/17)

Glen Ridge, New Jersey Police seek Lyft driver accused of slapping passenger (2/27/17)

Uber Driver Charged With Assault on Pregnant Passenger, College Park, Georgia (2/15/17)

Plantation, Florida Uber driver needed to use the bathroom. He let her in. Trouble followed. (2/10/17)

Uber Driver Arrested After Uptown Minneapolis, Minnesota Shooting (1/26/17)

Wheelchair cyclist left lying in the street after being ‘repeatedly punched by London road rage Uber driver’ (1/27/17)

Uber Driver Beats Passenger For Getting Snow In His Car, Chicago, Illinois Prosecutors Say (1/26/17)

Uber Driver Attacks Passenger with a ‘Wrench,’ London, England (1/16/17)
Man Claims Uber Driver “Left Him in a Pool of Blood” After Refusing Trip in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1/6/17)

Boston, Massachusetts Lyft Driver, 25, ‘Stabs Her Female Passenger in the Neck During a Fare Dispute on Christmas Night’ (12/26/16)

Uber Driver in Detroit, Michigan Stabs Passenger Five Times, Says He ‘Disrespected’ the Car (12/19/16)

Passenger Claims Chicago, Illinois Lyft driver Assaulted Him for Speed Complaint (12/17/16)

Uber Driver ‘Takes Young Women on Horror Ride in Middle of the Night and Dumps Them by Deserted Reservoir’ (11/30/16)

Pennsylvania State Uber Driver Faces Felony Aggravated Assault Charges (11/7/16)

Police: Uber Driver Kidnapped, Assaulted Passenger, College Park Maryland (10/29/16)

Wisconsin Uber Driver Arrested After Harassing Females, Running from Whitefish Bay Police (10/21/16)

Fight with Uber Driver Allegedly Leaves Atlanta, Georgia Woman with Black Eye (10/17/16)

London Uber Driver Who Called Woman a Black C*** and Punched Her in the Face Walks Free (10/18/16)

London Cancer Survivor With Hole in Neck Claims Uber Driver Dragged Her From Car Because She ‘Wasn’t Talking Properly’(10/11/16)

Woman Sues Uber, Driver Over Alleged New York City Assault (10/7/16)

Memphis Police Department: Off Duty Officer Attacked by  Tennessee Uber Driver (10/4/16)

Shocking Moment: a Los Angeles, California Uber Driver Tries to Drag a Female Passenger Out of His Car (9/30/16)

Indianapolis, Indiana Woman says she was Robbed, Dragged by Man Claiming to be Uber Driver (9/19/16)

Woman Claims She Was Attacked By Uber Driver After Refusing Unsafe Dropoff, Chicago, Illinois (9/19/16)

Despite Hit-and-Run, Arrest in Berkeley, Uber Driver Still Finds Time to Charge Fee (9/13/16)

Man Accused of Posing as Uber Driver, Assaulting University of Massachusetts Student (9/7/16)

Police: Uber Driver Angry with Passengers who Slammed Car Doors Threatened them with Gun in Millersville, Pennsylvania (9/7/16)

Uber Driver Accused Of Robbing, Assaulting Disabled Woman in Malden, Massachusetts (8/30/16)

Toronto Uber Driver Arrested for Assault, Footage Surfaces Online (8/17/16)

Australian Woman Flees Moving ‘Uber’ After Being Strangled (8/9/16)

Uber Driver Allegedly Called This Man A ‘Faggot’ And Tried To Run Him Over (8/1/16)

London Woman ‘Dragged Down Street After Driver Demanded Cash to Return her Phone’ (7/19/16)

Uber Driver Threatens Gay Atlanta Men with Gun (7/1/16)

Atlanta Uber Driver Accused of Hitting Passengers with Car (7/1/16)

Chicago Lyft Driver Groped, Threatened to ‘F— Up’ Passenger, Prosecutors Say (6/28/16)

Los Angeles Rider Says Uber Driver Stole His iPhone, Threatened To Attack Him (6/20/16)

Female Passenger was Attacked by Two Men Who Did Not Realise they Would Have to Share a Ride with her After Using the UberPool Car Service in London (6/13/16)

Woman says Dispute with Uber Driver Turned Violent in Yeadon, Pennsylvania (6/3/16)

Uber driver arrested for attempting to shoot officers in Montgomery County, Maryland (5/26/16)

An Uber Driver Has Been Charged With Strangling a University of Delaware Student in a Dorm Parking Lot  (5/23/16)

Arizona Uber Driver Arrested After Slashing Passenger (04/18/16)

Uber Driver in Los Angeles Arraigned on Theft and Assault Charges (01/28/16)

Uber Driver Accused of Aggravated Assault and Misdemeanor Battery After Pulling a Gun on Manatee County, Florida Passenger (01/26/16)

Uber Driver Allegedly Assaults Cincinnati Woman (01/18/16)

California Woman Says Uber Driver Broke Her Jaw (01/13/16)

Woman Allegedly Punched in the Face and Racially Abused by her Uber Driver in Addiscombe, South London, UK (11/30/15)

Passenger Hit in the Face by Uber Driver in Indianapolis (11/20/15)

Australian Woman Allegedly Attacked by her Uber Driver Suffers a Broken Leg and Blood Clot from the Ordeal (9/8/15)

A Los Angeles Woman Says Her Uber Driver Threw Her onto the Street (6/4/15)

Denver Uber Driver Allegedly Drove Woman to Airport, then Went Back to Rob Her Home (4/1/15)

Hiring a Lyft: Uber Safe or Uber Dangerous? (Santa Monica, CA) (3/18/15)

Boston Uber Driver Charged with Indecent Assault and Battery (2/9/15)

Alleged Assault by Chicago Uber Driver (12/10/14)

San Francisco Passenger Struck In Head with Hammer by UberX Driver (9/30/14)

Uber Driver Pulls Gun on Valet in Atlanta (9/8/14)

Philadelphia Uber Driver Beat Model, Pushed Earring through Skin in Traffic Jam (7/14/14)

Uber Driver Punches Passenger in Oklahoma (6/3/14)

Lyft Driver Attacks Pedestrian in San Francisco (1/14/14)

San Francisco Uber Customer Claims Abuse and Assault by Uber Driver (11/25/13)

Lyft Driver Brandishes Knife in Los Angeles (10/29/13)

Writer and Activist Reports Being Choked in DC; Uber Denies the Event and Responsibility (9/16/13)

Uber Customer Sues for $2M over Alleged Driver Stabbing in DC (9/8/13)

DC Uber Driver Allegedly Assaults Passenger for Burping (3/8/13)[/vc_column_text]

Alleged Sexual Assaults and Harassment Incidents by Uber and Lyft Drivers


[vc_column_text]Lyft Driver in Bismarck, North Dakota Accused of Sexual Assault of Passenger (8/25/18)

Springfield, Missouri Man Posed as Ride-Sharing Driver, Assaulted Women (8/22/18)

Warren, Rhode Island Uber Driver Charged with Sexual Assault (8/17/18)

Ride-Hailing Driver Sexually Assaults San Mateo, California Woman, Police Say (8/16/18)

Providence, Rhode Island Uber Driver Charged with Sexual Assault of Brown Student (8/2/18)

Gainesville, Virginia Woman Allegedly was Raped after Using Lyft; Driver Charged, Police Say (7/18/18)

Esplanade Serial Rapist, Former Boston, Massachusetts Uber Driver, Sentenced To 18 Years (7/18/18)

Suspected ‘Ride-Share Rapist’ Charged in Assaults on 4 Women in San Francisco, California (7/16/18)

Bridgeport, Conneticut Uber driver gets probation on sex, assault charges (7/16/18)

Union City, California Police Arrest Uber Driver Accused of Sexually Assaulting Ride Share Passenger (7/14/18)

A San Mateo, California Lyft Driver Who Allegedly Raped At Least 4 Women After Posing As Their Ride-Hail Driver Has Been Arrested (7/13/18)

Pismo Beach, California Tourist Shaken After Indecent Exposure by Uber Driver (7/12/18)

Man Accused of Raping Uber Driver Outside Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina Faces Judge (7/5/18)

Uber driver charged with trying to forcibly touch passenger in Westchester, New York (7/3/18)

West Palm Beach, Florida Uber Driver Guilty of Sexual Battery Sentenced to 22 Years (6/13/18)

Marysville, Ohio Uber Driver Facing Rape Charges (6/1/18)

Police Called to Scene of Alleged Sexual Assault by Uber Driver in West Hollywood, California (5/26/18)

Lyft Driver Arrested on Suspicion of Sexual Assault in Oakland, California (5/16/18)

Uber Driver Fired After Video Shows Him Demanding Sex From Passenger (5/23/18)

Bayonne, New York Uber Driver Charged with Touching Teen in ‘Sexual Manner’ During Ride (5/22/18)

Oakville, Canada Lyft Driver Charged With Sexual Assault Of Teen (5/11/18)

Seattle, Washington Uber Driver Allegedly Kidnapped, Exposed Himself to Passenger (5/10/18)

Police: Lyft Driver in Pontiac, Michigan Offered Passenger $1000 For Sex Then Sexually Assaulted Her When She Refused(4/3/18)

Uber Driver Wanted on Sex Assault Charges in Hutchins, Texas (4/21/18)

Quincy, Massachusetts Uber Driver Charged with Rape of Passenger Posted Bail, Fled the Country (4/17/18)

New Delhi, India Uber Driver Arrested For Masturbating While Ferrying 40-Year-Old Woman Passenger (4/15/18)

London, England Uber Driver Convicted of Raping Passenger (4/7/18)

Orlando, Florida Woman Sues Lyft After DNA Links Driver to Sex Assault (3/30/18)

Uber Driver Accused of Raping Drunk Passenger In Boston, Massachusetts (3/18/18)

Lyft Driver Accused of Sexually Assaulting Unconscious Passenger In Milwaukee, Wisconsin (3/7/18)

Police Accuse Lincoln, Nebraska Uber Driver of Groping Customer During Trip (3/4/18)

Man With Uber Sticker on Vehicle Sought For Sexual Assault of Teenager in Manhattan Beach, California (3/3/18)

Uber Driver Jailed For Groping Teenage Girl In London, England (2/19/18)

Uber Driver Charged In Sexual Assault Of Woman in Boynton Beach, Florida (2/9/18)

San Antonio, Texas Woman Sues Uber After Alleged Rape (2/8/18)

Medford, New York Uber Driver Charged With Rape (2/8/18)

Uber Driver Accused of Sexually Assaulting Passenger in Waterloo, Canada (2/5/18)

Uber Driver in Manilla, Philippines Arrested For Sexually Harassing Passenger (2/5/18)

Monroe Park, Virginia Woman Reports Uber Drive Sexually Assaulted Her on VCU Campus (2/4/18)

Toronto, Canada Uber Driver Charged With Sexually Assaulting Woman (1/29/18)

Singapore Uber Driver Arrested for Molesting Passengers (1/26/18)

San Luis Obispo, California Uber Driver Arrested for Four Sexual Assaults (1/22/18)

Perth, Australia Uber Driver is Facing Sexual Assault Charges After a Woman was Allegedly Attacked During a Ride (1/8/18)

Sterling, Virginia Uber Driver Arrested for Sexual Assault (1/4/18)

Memphis, Tennessee Uber Driver Allegedly Forced Passenger To Kiss Him (12/18/17)

Atlanta, Georgia Uber Driver Charged in Sexual Assault of 16-Year-Old Girl (12/14/17)

Uber Driver Exposed Himself To Passenger In Garden City, New York, Police Say (12/12/17)

Ride-Hail Driver Wanted For Washington, DC Sexual Assault (12/11/17)

77-Year-Old Fort Worth, Texas Woman Claiming Assault Files Suit Against Uber (12/8/17)

Orlando, Florida Uber Driver Accused of Sexually Assaulting Passenger (12/8/2017)

Boston, Massachusetts Uber Driver Charged With Raping, Kidnapping Passenger (11/30/17)

Fitchburg, Wisconsin Uber Driver Charged With Beating and Raping Passenger (11/30/17)

Manassas City, Virginia Uber Drive Allegedly Rapes Passenger (11/28/17)

Uber Driver Allegedly Sexually Assaulted a Woman at American University in Washington, D.C. (11/20/17)

San Francisco, California Woman Sues Uber Alleging Driver Raped Her (11/16/17)

Toledo, Ohio Uber Driver Admits to Forcing Passenger to Take Shots, Kissing Her  (11/15/17)

Omaha, Nebraska Woman Allegedly Sexually Assaulted by Uber Driver (11/12/17)

Raleigh, North Carolina Student Says Uber Driver Fondled Her (11/1/17)

Alleged Sexual Assault by San Antonio, Texas Uber Driver (10/23/17)

Kondapur, India Uber Driver Held For Sexually Harassing Passenger (10/22/17)

Davie, Florida Uber Driver Forced Teen To Perform Oral Sex, Police Say (10/20/17)

Lawsuit: Uber Driver Sexually Assaulted, Harassed Chicago, Illinois Woman (10/19/17)

Cops: Pittsburgh Uber Driver Kidnapped, Fondled Female Rider (10/17/17)

Lafayette, Louisiana Uber Driver Accused of Raping Passenger After Forcing His Way Into Home (10/1/17)

13 Reported Uber ‘sex Attacks’ since 2015 in England Outside of London (10/1/17)

Southport, Australia Uber Driver Denied Bail on Rape Charges (9/30/17)

Uber Driver Charged With Assaulting Middletown, Rhode Island Woman (9/26/17)

Report: Former Lyft Driver Accused of Raping Zionsville, Indiana Woman (9/23/17)

Minneapolis, Minnesota Police Warn Ride-Share App Users After Four Reported Assaults (9/23/17)

Lawsuit Claims Uber Driver Talked to San Francisco, California Teen Rider about Her Virginity, His Erection (9/22/17)

Morgantown, West Virginia Lyft Driver Charged with Sexual Assault (9/21/17)

Police Investigate Boston, Massachusetts Lyft Driver for Alleged Sexual Assault (9/20/17)

Morgantown, West Virginia Uber Driver Arrested on Charges of Sexual Assault (9/18/17)

Seattle, Washington Police: Uber Driver Allegedly Groped Passenger (9/15/17)

Uber Driver Charged with Raping Kent, Washington Woman (9/15/17)

Fourth Brisbane, Australia Uber Driver Accused of Sexual Assault Since July (9/11/17)

Detroit, Michigan Uber Driver Accused of Raping Passenger in Police Custody (9/8/17)

Singapore Uber Driver Who Molested Woman Gets Probation (9/5/17)

After Alleged Sexual Assault by Her Uber Driver in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Brazilian Activist Launches Online Campaign (9/1/17)

Lawsuit Against Lyft Following Alleged Rape in Cardiff, California (8/28/17)

Ex-Uber Driver Admits Raping More than a Dozen Women and Girls Near El Cajon, California (8/22/17)

London, England Uber Driver Accused of Raping a Passenger ‘Freaked Out’ When She Told Him She ‘Had HIV’, Court Hears (8/22/17)

Chicago, Illinois Uber Driver Locked Passenger in Vehicle, Demanded Sex, Authorities Say (8/19/17)

Uber Driver in New York City Allegedly Rapes Unconscious Passenger in His Home after She Falls Asleep in His Car (8/18/17)

Former Uber Driver Admits to Exposing Himself to Multiple Young Girls in Malden, Massachusetts (8/16/17)

Former Uber Driver Accused of Raping Sleeping Passenger in Tulsa, Oklahoma (8/16/17)

Police: Third Woman In Brisbane, Australia Sexually Assaulted by an Uber Driver Since July, Cases Unrelated (8/9/17)

San Diego Police Investigate Claim That Lyft Driver Sexually Assaulted Woman (8/4/17)

Police: Ride Hail Driver Repeatedly Raped Woman in Seattle, Washington (8/2/17)

How Safe Is Your Uber? Growing Concern as Police Figures Suggest Company’s Drivers Are Linked to One Sex Attack in London per Week (7/28/17)

Chicago, Illinois Lyft Driver Kidnapped, Zip-Tied And Raped Passenger, Prosecutors Say (7/24/17)

Chattanooga, Tennessee Uber Kept Accused Driver, Then He Abused 2nd Woman (7/22/17)

Uber Driver Charged with Raping Teenage Girl in Brisbane, Australia (7/14/17)

Uber Driver Arrested Over Sexual Assault Allegation in York, England (7/12/17)

Uber Driver Held for Raping a Woman in Ghaziabad, India (7/9/17)

Uber Driver Charged with Sexual Assault in Brisbane, Australia (7/7/17)

San Antonio, Texas Woman Passenger Sues Lyft, Driver Accused of Rape (7/6/17)

Uber Driver Wanted for Sexual Assault in Hyattsville, Maryland (7/6/17)

Uber Driver Charged with Sexually Assaulting Young Female Passenger in Suburban Toronto, Canada (7/5/17)

Sappy County, Nebraska Uber Driver Allegedly Threatened Passenger Who Wouldn’t Date Him (7/3/17)

Kansas City, Missouri Woman Sues Uber For Negligence After Driver Allegedly Raped Her (6/28/17)

Uber Driver in Perth, Australia Allegedly Molested Passenger (6/27/17)

Gainesville, Florida Uber Driver Diverts Ride, Gropes Woman: Police (6/26/17)

Los Angeles, California Uber Driver Accused of Kidnapping, Sexually Assaulting Passenger (6/26/17)

Los Angeles, California Customer Sues After Uber Driver Allegedly Stuck Hand Up Her Dress (6/22/17)

Allentown, Pennsylvania Uber, Lyft Driver Offered Minor Money And Rides For Sex, Cops Say (6/21/17)

Los Angeles, California Lyft Driver Dropped Pants, Says Passenger (6/19/17)

Uber Driver Allegedly Sexually Assaults Woman In Detroit, Michigan (6/13/17)

Uber Driver Arrested In Sexual Battery Of Passenger In Moraga, California (6/6/17)

Naples, Florida Woman Claims She Was Raped By Uber Driver (6/2/17)

Uber, Lyft driver stalked Hazlet, New Jersey teen, police say (5/25/17)

Police Identify Uber Driver Wanted in Connection With Sexual Assault of University Student in Riverside, California(5/24/17)

Toronto Uber driver charged with kidnapping, forcible confinement (5/23/17)

Florida Uber driver arrested after sexually assaulting 14-year-old passenger: Police (5/12/17)

Palm Beach County, Florida Uber driver accused of kidnapping, sexual battery and burglary (5/9/17)

University of Kentucky Police Department: Student Reports Sexual Abuse on Campus by Uber Driver (4/27/17)

Uber driver in Orange County, California charged with raping his passenger (4/26/17)

Newton, Massachusetts Uber Driver Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Female Passenger (4/25/17)

Uber driver accused of sexually assaulting passenger in Akron, Ohio turns himself in (4/12/17)

Everett, Massachusetts Lyft driver accused of sexually assaulting developmentally-delayed passenger (3/20/17)

New Dehli Uber driver harasses woman rider; investigation on (3/16/17)

Uber driver suspended, investigated for making advances on women in Greenville, North Carolina (3/15/17)

Uber driver charged with raping passenger in Virginia Beach (3/7/17)

Minnesota Woman: After I Rebuffed My Uber Driver’s Advances, He Tried to Rape Me (2/25/17)

Toronto Police make arrest in alleged sexual assault of woman by Uber driver (2/14/17)

Lyft driver accused of raping woman on ride home, Atlanta, Georgia (1/27/17)

Lyft sued by Westwood, California woman over allegations of driver sexual assault (1/19/17)

San Antonio, Texas Uber Driver Accused of Raping 22-Year-Old Woman (1/16/17)

London Uber Driver Charged with Sexually Assaulting Passenger (12/19/16)

Former Uber Driver Charged With Sexually Assaulting Passenger in Houston, Texas (12/9/16)

Uber Driver Arrested in Melbourne, Australia Over Alleged Sexual Assault (12/5/16)

Sacramento, California Uber Driver Under Investigation After Woman’s ‘Creepy’ Ride (11/24/16)

Woman Claims Uber Driver Sexually Assaulted Her, Ross, Pennsylvania Police Investigating (11/23/16)

Dallas, Texas Woman says Lyft Driver Threatened, Harassed Her (11/16/16)

Ohio Woman Says Uber Driver Sexually Assaulted Her Inside Her Home: Mayfield Heights Police Blotter (11/9/16)

Uber Driver Charged with Sexually Assaulting Teenage Girl in Laguna Beach, California (11/8/16)

Uber Just Settled a Huge Sexual-Assault Lawsuit in California (11/4/16)

Palo Alto, California Police Arrest Uber Driver on Suspicion of Sexual Battery, Stalking (11/1/16)

Uber Driver Accused of Raping Passenger in Miami-Dade County, Florida (10/20/16)

Uber Says It’s Helping New Jersey Police After Driver Charged in Sex Attack (10/19/16)

Uber Driver Charged with Sexually Abusing 14-Year-Old Girl near Ceresville, Maryland (10/19/16)

YouTube Personality Alleges Toronto Uber Driver Demanded Blowjob for Payment (10/19/16)

Paterson, New Jersey Man Charged with Sexually Assaulting Passenger Was Driving for Uber, Company Confirms (10/19/16)

College Park, Maryland Uber Driver Convicted of Raping Female Passenger, Faces 20 Years in Prison (10/18/16)

Dallas, Texas Woman Says Uber Driver Sexted Her During Ride (10/7/16)

Uber Driver Charged with Harassing Women in Shippensburg Township, Pennsylvania (10/6/16)

Uber Driver Sexually Assaults Woman After Turning Off Ride Sharing App, Sydney, Australia (10/5/16)

Davis Police Searching For California Man Who Posed As Uber Driver, Demanded Kiss As Payment (10/3/16)

New Alleged Sexual Assault Involving Uber Driver Under Investigation in San Antonio, Texas (9/30/16)

Lyft Driver Arrested, Accused of Raping Customer in Orange County, Florida (9/29/16)

New York Man Claims Uber Laughed at Him When He Tried to Report Sexual Assault (9/23/16)

Former Uber, Lyft Driver Charged with Assaulting Passengers in Escondido, California (9/22/16)

Uber Driver Charged with Sexual Assault of Passenger on Sydney, Australia’s North Shore (9/20/16)

Woman Claimed she was Raped by Uber Driver on Way Home from Night Out, Manchester, England (9/2/16)

Police: Uber Driver Exposed Himself to Women in Malden and Everett, Massachusetts (8/29/16)

Student says she was Sexually Assaulted by Uber Driver, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (8/23/16)

Two Women Take to Facebook Against Harassment by Uber Drivers, One Held in Mumbai (8/20/16)

Local Uber Driver Arrested for Raping Women in Boynton Beach, Florida (8/19/16)

Atlanta, Georgia Woman Leaving Buckhead Bar Says Uber Driver Raped Her (8/16/16)

Uber Driver Charged with Rape in Everett Massachusetts (8/11/16)

St. Louis, Missouri Rape Investigation Delayed by Uber’s ‘Technical Obstacles’ (8/7/16)

‘I Don’t Feel Safe Anymore’: Los Angeles, California Woman Claims Uber Driver Lunged At Her, Shoved Tongue In Mouth (8/5/16)

Uber, LTFRB Investigating Alleged Rape of Passenger in Manila, Philippines (8/2/16)

Quezon City, Philippines Uber Driver who Allegedly Raped Female Passenger has a Girlfriend, still Demanded Payment for Uber Ride (8/1/16)

Uber Driver Arrested for Sexual Assault in Palo Alto, California (7/23/16)

West Hollywood, California Woman Sues Uber for Negligence after Being Raped by Driver (7/22/16)

Kolkata, India: What this Woman Did after Uber Driver Threatened to Rape her will Leave you Shocked! (7/16/16)

Police Warn Users after Alleged Uber Rape, Sandton, South Africa (7/16/16)

Chicago Uber Driver Charged in Sexual Assault of Intoxicated Passenger (7/15/16)

Uber Driver Arrested after Attempting to Rape a Passenger in India (7/8/16)

Massachusetts Uber Driver Accused of Harassing, Groping Female Passenger (7/6/16)

Uber Driver Faces Charges of Sex Assault on Woman in Orlando, Florida (6/29/16)

Uber Driver Charged Following Sexual Assault of Boy in Oshawa, Canada: Police (6/15/16)

Woman Says Uber Driver Molested Her in Utah (6/9/16)

Uber Drivers Accused of 32 Rapes and Sex Attacks on London Passengers Over the Past Year (5/19/16)

Mexico City Uber Driver Arrested for Allegedly Raping and Robbing Passenger (5/9/16)

Woman Claims Uber Driver Sexually Assaulted Her During Ride to North Salt Lake City (5/4/16)

Seattle Uber, Lyft Drivers Investigated for Sexual Assault (4/28/16)

Toronto Uber Driver Charged With Sexual Assault (4/27/16)

Honolulu Uber Driver Arrested and Charged with Sex Assault (4/20/16)

PolitiFact: In Uber fight, statistics get twisted like a bad wreck (4/15/16)

Raleigh, NC Uber Driver Arrested and Charged with Sexual Battery (4/1/16)

San Diego Uber Driver Charged with Rape of an Intoxicated Person, Faces 8 Years in Prison (3/30/16)

Two East Lansing, Michigan, Uber Drivers Charged with Criminal Sexual Assault (3/18/16)

Uber Driver Charged with Felony Forcible Rape and Two Other Felony Sex-Related Offenses Against Passenger in Orange County, California (3/17/16)

Guleph, Ontario, Uber driver charged with sexual assault (3/14/16)

Grand jury indicts Murfreesboro, TN, Uber driver on two counts of aggravated rape and two counts of rape (3/14/16)

Seattle-area Lyft and Uber driver accused of trying to sexually assault a passenger charged with attempted rape (3/11/16)

Brooklyn Uber Driver Exposes Himself To, Sexually Assaults Passenger (2/29/16)

Woman in Henry County, GA, Accuses Uber Driver of Attacking, Groping Her (2/29/16)

Police Say 2 Students At Michigan State University Have Been Sexually Assaulted by a Rideshare Driver (2/26/16)

Perth, Canada Uber Driver in Court over Alleged Indecent Assault of Female Passenger (2/25/16)

University of North Florida Student Files Suit for Battery After Alleging Her Lyft Driver Groped Her (2/12/16)

Uber Driver Arrested for Allegedly Molesting Journalist in Delhi, India (1/22/16)

Lyft Passenger in Jacksonville, FL, Granted Temporary Injunction to Protect Her From Stalking By Driver Who Allegedly Sexually Assaulted Her (1/18/16)

Uber Passenger Sues Driver for Sexual Assaulted and Battery,  False Imprisonment, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress and Negligence in Los Angeles (1/18/16)

Uber Driver Indicted for One Count of Rape, Two Counts of Indecent Assault and Battery on a Person Over 14 and One Count of Assault to Rape on Cape Cod (1/8/16)

Uber Driver Sexually Assaults Athens, GA, Customer in Burglary of Her Home, Police Say (1/7/16)

Uber Driver Arrested in Connection with Scottsdale, AZ, Sexual Assault Against Teen Passenger (1/1/16)

Dozens of Students Accuse Uber Driver of Harassment, Intimidation in Geuleph, Canada (11/26/15)

Kansas City, MO, Police Report 7 Sexual Assaults by Ride-hailing Drivers Since 2014 (11/23/15)

Los Angeles Uber Driver Accused of Sexual Battery after Allegedly Groping USC Student (11/22/15)

Uber Driver Accused of Sexually Assaulting a Passenger in Denver, CO (11/19/15)

Lyft Driver Held at $1 Million Bond After Allegedly Raping Passenger in Dallas, TX (11/16/15)

Austin, TX Police Investigating 7 Cases of Alleged Sexual Assault by Uber, Lyft Drivers (11/13/15)

British Uber Driver Gets 8 Months in Jail For Sexually Assaulting a Passenger (11/5/15)

San Diego Lawsuit: Lyft Driver Groped Passenger (10/30/15)

‘Ridesharing’ Driver Charged with Allegedly Raping a British Tourist in Sydney, Australia (10/22/15)

Uber Driver Sought for Alleged Sexual Assault in Toronto in June, 2015 (9/25/15)

Toronto Uber Driver Accused of Sexually Assaulting a Passenger in His Vehicle (9/17/15)

Woman in Ohio Allegedly Sexually Assaulted by Uber Driver (9/10/15)

Uber Driver in New Jersey Accused of Raping a Female Customer (8/28/15)

An Uber Driver in China Charged with Robbery and Rape (8/26/15)

Philadelphia Uber Driver Accused of Rape in June Loses Bail Request (8/12/15)

Uber Driver Accused of Kidnapping and Raping a Female Passenger in South Carolina (8/12/15)

Uber Driver Charged with Sexual Battery in Virginia (8/6/15)

Uber Driver Accused of Sexual Assault in Dallas (8/1/15)

Uber Driver Allegedly Caught Masturbating In Front of Female Passenger in India (7/22/15)

Uber Driver Linked by DNA Evidence, Witness Accounts to Five Other Sexual Assaults in Boston between 2006 and 2010(7/14/15)

Uber Driver in Chicago Allegedly Exposes Himself to a Female Passenger, Uber Admits He Should Have Failed Background Check (6/26/15)

Virginia Mother Alleges Uber Driver Molested Her 13-year-old Daughter (6/16/15)

Lyft Driver in Seattle Allegedly Drags Customer Behind Car After Demanding Sex (6/5/15)

Uber Driver in New Jersey Fondles Himself in Backseat with Female Passenger (6/3/15)

Uber New Delhi Molestation Case: Uber Cab Driver Suspended After He Molested Female Passenger in Gurgaon (6/1/15)

Mississauga, Canada, Uber driver is facing a charge of sexual assault after allegedly assaulting a female passenger (5/20/15)

University of Southern California Student Says Uber Driver Raped Her After Party (5/1/15)

New York Woman Says Uber Driver Grabbed, Assaulted Her (4/30/15)

Wisconsin Woman Tells Police Uber Driver Inappropriately Touched Her (4/27/15)

Houston Uber Driver Accused of Rape Started Work After 14 Years in Federal Prison (4/7/15)

Uber Driver Arrested on Sexual Assault Charges in Paris (3/25/15)

Philadelphia Woman Says She Was Raped and Kidnapped by an UberX Driver (3/24/15)

Uber Driver Tried to Rape Seattle, Washington-Area Passenger (3/11/15)

Uber Driver Investigated After Alleged Sexual Assault in Mar Vista, California (2/3/15)

Chicago Uber Driver Charged with Sexual Assault, Unlawful Restraint and kidnapping of 21-year-old male passenger (1/14/15)

Uber Driver Arrested Over Alleged Sexual Assault in Melbourne, Australia (1/10/15)

London Uber Driver Asks Rider for Oral Sex (12/11/14)

Uber Driver in India Accused of Rape (12/8/14)

Orlando Uber Passenger Allegedly Touched by Uber Driver (9/25/14)

Three San Francisco Women Say Uber Driver Sexually Harassed Them (9/25/14)

DC Uber Driver Accused of Molesting Rider (7/28/14)

Uber Driver Charged with Fondling Passenger in Chicago (4/10/14)

New York-based Journalist Sexually Harassed and Stalked by Uber Driver (3/28/14)

DC Uber Driver Arrested for Alleged Rape but Not Charged Despite Strong Evidence (9/14/13)

“Rideshare” Driver Sends Seemingly Endless Amount of Creepy Text Messages to Rider (7/16/13)



Alleged Kidnappings by Uber Drivers


[vc_column_text]Oakland, California Woman Says She Escaped Lyft Driver who was Taking Her in Opposite Direction(8/24/18)

Uber Driver Accused of Kidnapping, Groping Woman in Azusa, California (8/24/18)

New Charges Against Austin, Texas Ride-Hailing Driver Accused of Kidnapping Women (8/22/18)

Rancho Cordova, California Uber driver Accused of Kidnapping Women (8/21/18)

Man Posing as Uber Driver Lures Nampa, Idaho Woman into Car (7/17/18)

Memphis, Tennessee Woman Allegedly Kidnapped by Lyft Driver (1/18/18)

Boston, Massachusetts Uber Driver Charged With Raping, Kidnapping Passenger (11/30/17)

Deputies: Tampa Bay, Florida Uber Driver Robbed, Kidnapped 74yo Victim with Help of Masked Man (11/3/17)

Cops: Pittsburgh Uber Driver Kidnapped, Fondled Female Rider (10/17/17)

Jacksonville, Florida Native Says Lyft Driver Held Her Hostage (10/9/17)

Chicago, Illinois Lyft Driver Kidnapped, Zip-Tied And Raped Passenger, Prosecutors Say (7/24/17)

Pittsburgh Man Tells Police His Uber Driver Tried to Kidnap Him (2/22/17)

24-Year-Old Woman Kidnapped By Rideshare Driver, San Francisco, California (12/14/16)

Uber Cab Driver Abducts Dehli Public School Student, Indian Police Rescue Boy (10/31/16)

Lyft Driver Arrested, Accused of Raping Customer in Orange County, Florida (9/29/16)

Charges: West Saint Paul, Minnesota Uber Driver takes Passenger to Apartment for Sex (9/14/16)

South Carolina Uber Driver Accused Of Kidnapping And Raping Female Passenger (8/12/15)

Philadelphia Woman Says She Was Raped and Kidnapped by an UberX Driver (3/24/15)

Chicago Uber Driver Charged with Sexual Assault (1/14/15)

Uber Driver Takes NYC Woman on Nightmare $293 Zigzagging Odyssey (12/13/14)

Los Angeles Woman Claims Uber Driver Kidnapped Rider; Uber Claims “Inefficient Route” (10/14/14)

DC Uber Driver Takes Riders on High Speed Chase (7/9/14)

Driver Allegedly Kidnaps Drunk Woman in LA (6/3/14)[/vc_column_text]


Felons Behind the Wheel



Other Serious Incidents


[vc_column_text]Tallahassee, Florida Uber Driver Fired after Calling Black Man Racial Slur (8/24/18)

Atlanta, Georgia Uber ride Turns into Wild Ride (8/9/18)

4 Hurt After Uber Driver Jumps Curb, Plows Into Phone Store, Busy Restaurant in Chelsea, New York (7/30/18)

Tallahassee, Florida Lyft Driver Makes $1K Worth of Purchases with Customer’s Debit Card (7/30/18)

Troy, New York Uber Driver Stole, Used Customer’s Credit Card, Police Say (7/25/18)

St. Louis, Missouri Uber Driver has put Video of Hundreds of Passengers Online (7/24/18)

New York City Uber Driver Caught Peeing While Driving Like It’s No Big Deal (7/19/18)

Las Vegas, Nevada Woman Claims She was Robbed by Fake Uber Driver (7/18/18)

Lincoln,  Nebraska Uber Driver was Drunk, Asking Passengers for Marijuana (7/7/28)

Virginia Woman Says Uber Driver Denied Her Ride Because of Her Wheelchair (6/22/18)

An Uber Driver from Austin, Texas is Accused of Faking His Own Kidnapping (5/31/18)

Uber Driver Pulled Over in Atlanta, Georgia, Found To Have Multiple Outstanding Warrants (5/24/18)

Israeli Diplomat in Chicago, Illinois Allegedly Kicked Out of Uber for Taking Call in Hebrew (5/4/18)

Denver, Colorado Uber Driver Allegedly Changed Route, Refused to Let Passenger Out (4/17/18)

Texarkana, Arkansas Uber Driver Crashed Vehicle With Two Passengers Inside, Charged With DUI (4/13/18)

Seattle, Washington Couple Says Uber Driver Yelled Racial Slurs (3/23/19)

Uber Driver Returns to Passenger’s Home in Kensington, California, Allegedly Tries to Break In (2/8/18)

Two Uber Drivers Refuse Ride To Blind Ottawa, Canada Woman And Guide Dog (2/7/18)

Manchester, Connecticut Lyft Driver Arrested After Crash, Allegedly Drove While Sleep Deprived, On Cocaine And Heroin (1/30/18)

Chicago, Illinois Family Sues Lyft, Driver, After Elderly Crossing Guard Struck By Car, Left In Coma (1/19/18)

Abington, Pennsylvania Woman Sues Uber After “Nightmare” Ride (1/15/18)

Tabor City, North Carolina Uber Driver Admits to Dumping Body of Passenger who Allegedly Overdosed (1/11/18)

Cardiff, England Man With Cerebral Palsy Allegedly Refused Uber Ride Due To Disability (1/2/18)

Gainesville, Florida Uber Driver in Stolen $250,000 Ferrari Busted by Cop’s License Plate Reader (1/2/18)

Houston, Texas Uber Driver Allegedly Kicked Gay Couple Out Of Car for Kissing (1/1/18)

Uber Driver Allegedly Avoided Picking Up Houston, Texas Passenger With Visible Tumors On Face (12/20/17)

Muslim Radio Producer Says Chicago, Illinois Uber Driver Cancelled Ride Because of Religion (12/12/17)

New York, New York Lyft Driver Allegedly Kicks Out Gay Couple For Kissing In Car (12/12/17)

Boston, Massachusetts Uber Driver Charged After Trying to Sell Heroin to Undercover State Troopers (11/16/17)

Boston, Massachusetts Uber Driver Accused of Denying Ride to Blind Couple (11/7/17)

Sydney, Australia Uber Driver Charged after Allegedly Procuring a Teenage Girl for Sex Online (11/1/17)

Legally Blind Man Says Austin, Texas Uber Driver Refused to Allow Service Dog in Car (10/24/17)

Uber Driver in Portsmouth, Rhode Island Arrested after Posing as Social Worker (10/21/17)

Former Long Beach, California Uber Driver Gets 3 Years Probation for Driving Drunk at 90 Mph with Passenger in Car (10/20/17)

Mallika Dua Slams Uber, Alleges She Was Abused and Thrown out by Uber India Driver (10/8/17)

Uber Passenger in Perth, Australia Stranded after Driver Tests Positive for Meth (10/2/17)

Durban, South Africa Woman Reportedly Robbed During Uber Ride From Hell (10/1/17)

Uber Driver Allegedly Sprays Passenger with Mace in Center City Pennsylvania (9/29/17)

Indianapolis, Indiana Uber Driver’s Gun Accidentally Fires, Hits Woman (9/24/17)

Lynwood, Georgia Man Accused of Driving Stolen Car for Uber (9/17/17)

Phoenix, Arizona Uber Driver Allegedly Cancelled Ride Upon Seeing Passenger’s Service Dog (9/16/17)

Oak Lawn, Illinois Uber Driver Caught with 19 Kilos of Cocaine in His Car During a Tollway Traffic Stop (9/13/17)

San Francisco, California Ride-Hail Driver Arrested on Child Pornography Charges (9/5/17)

Ventura, California Woman Sues Uber After Being Driven to Wrong Destination and Pushed Out of Car (8/22/17)

Long Beach, California Uber Driver Kicks Passenger Out for Being Transgender (8/18/17)

Double Amputee, 33, Told to ‘F*** Off’ by Uber Driver in London, England Who Refused to Take Her Home Claiming She Was Drunk’ (8/14/17)

Uber Driver in Brisbane, Australia Held Woman in Car for More than an Hour, Police Say (8/13/17)

Portland, Oregon Woman Stalked by her Lyft Driver (8/11/17)

New York, New York Uber Driver Busted for Transporting Drugs for Drug Ring (8/8/17)

Police: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Woman Allegedly Abducted, Robbed By Possible Lyft Driver (8/1/17)

New Delhi, India Uber Driver Allegedly Humiliates Woman For Bringing Wheelchair Into Cab (7/20/17)

Lyft Driver in Montclair, New Jersey Allegedly Throws Dog During Road Rage Incident (7/16/17)

Dallas, Texas Uber Driver Drags Officer Behind Vehicle While Speeding Away From Love Field, Police Say (7/14/17)

Denver, Colorado Uber Driver Arrested for Security Violations and Disturbing the Peace (7/14/17)

San Francisco, California Drag Queen Allegedly Denied Lyft Ride for Being in Drag (7/10/17)

Passenger Reports Uber Driver for Drunken Driving in Rockland, Massachusetts (7/8/17)

Orlando, Florida Uber Driver Allegedly Put Passenger In Danger While Defending His Family’s Slave Ownership (6/27/17)

Wanaque, New Jersey Uber Driver Reportedly Told Police He Was Using Heroin (6/27/17)

Police: LYFT driver Wanted For Armed Robbery in Randolph, Massachusetts (6/21/17)

Dallas, Texas woman’s car allegedly stolen, wrecked by Lyft Driver (6/13/17)

Pinellas, Florida Uber Driver Allegedly Robs Teenager (6/4/17)

Schaumburg, Illinois Uber driver charged with transporting passenger while intoxicated (5/20/17)

Georgia Uber driver pulled over for speeding, arrested on outstanding warrants (5/25/17)

Malaysian Woman robbed on Uber ride suffers miscarriage (5/21/17)

Drug dealers used Uber cars to run heroin and cocaine operation in Bronx, Manhattan: New York cops (5/3/17)

Uber suspends driver in Australia over bomb plot allegation (5/1/17)

Blind Nashville, Tennessee man says he was denied ride from Lyft driver (4/26/17)

South Carolina Uber driver arrested on Folly Beach after impersonating U.S. marshal, told passengers he could run stoplights (4/3/17)

Furious Uber customer in Manchester, England, claims racist driver sped off when he saw her husband was a ‘tall, black man’ (3/28/17)

Cairns, Australia Uber driver to face court after allegedly busted drink driving twice (3/18/17)

Florida Lyft driver jailed for allegedly stalking passenger who owed $1.16 (3/9/17)

New York man says Lyft driver extorted him during ride to airport (3/7/17)

Armed Uber driver accused of leaving passengers on highway after disagreement, Attleboro, Massachusetts (3/7/17)

Uber driver refuses to pick up blind paratriathlete with service dog, Sacramento, California (2/24/17)

Sussex County, Delaware Police: Uber Driver Burglarized Several Passengers’ Homes While They Were Out (2/23/17)

Uber Driver Pleads Guilty to Interstate Gun Trafficking Ring: NY AG (2/17/17)

New York City Elderly Woman Struck by an Uber Cab, Then a Yellow Taxi (2/12/17)

Report: Two Baton Rouge, Louisiana Uber drivers arrested for DWI (2/10/17)


The Florida Koran-burning preacher has been driving for Uber (2/4/17)

Lyft, Uber Drivers Crash in Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina, Six People Injured (2/4/17)

Chicago, Illinois Police: Uber driver went home with passenger, burglarized his apartment (1/27/17)

Uber Driver Strikes Man ‘Clearly Outside of Crosswalk:’ San Jose, California Police (1/24/17)

Court docs: Maryland Uber driver tried to pay for sex with teen, said it was his ‘fantasy’ (1/17/17)

Gay Rugby Star Who Joined Family’s Breaking Bad-Inspired ‘Chemsex’ Ring Which Used Uber Driver to Deliver Drugs Is Jailed for Six Years (1/6/17)

Suit Against Uber Claims Driver Attacked a Passenger in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1/5/17)

Uber Suspends Driver After Woman Says He Drove off with Her 2-Year-Old in Washington DC (12/28/16)

Uber Customers ‘Offered DRUGS by Drivers’ amid Claims Dealers Have Infiltrated Taxi Firm (12/19/16)

New Zealand Parents Angry After Allegations Uber Driver Supplied Teens Booze (11/27/16)

 FBI Arrests Brooklyn, New York Uber Driver Who Joined ISIS in Hopes of Planning Nice-Style Terror Attack in Times Square(11/21/16)

UC Davis Students Report Threats Of Kidnapping From Uber Driver (11/20/16)

New Milford, New Jersey Police: Uber Driver Says He Packed Illegal Gun For Protection (11/16/16)

England Uber Driver Fined for Refusing to Pick up Blind Passenger Because His Guide Dog Was Against His Religion(11/12/16)

Mistaken Uber Ride Leads to Verbal Altercation Fayetteville, North Carolina (11/14/16)

Uber Refuses to Take Blind Passenger in DC (11/14/16)

New Milford, New Jersey Police: Uber Driver Says He Packed Illegal Gun For Protection (11/13/16)

Malaysian Grab Driver Scam Exposed (11/8/16)

Charlotte, North Carolina: Legally Blind Woman Says Some Uber Drivers Refuse to Give Her Rides (11/7/16)

Latina Woman Says Denver, Colorado Uber Driver Kicked Her out After Conversation About Her Heritage (11/7/16)

Cops: Bridgeport man used Uber to deliver cocaine in Stamford, Connecticut (11/7/16)

Chicago, Illinois Woman Allegedly Threatened By Homophobic Uber Driver (10/6/16)

Alleged Uber Driver Arrested in Conyers, Georgia on Drug Charges (10/5/16)

Uber Driver Strands Maryland Woman Without Her Luggage (11/4/16)

Oklahoma Mother Warning Others After Uber Driver Picks Up Pre-Teen in Middle of the Night (9/30/16)

Bethesda, Maryland Lyft Driver Kicks Out Rider After Homophobic, Anti-Semitic Rant (9/29/16)

Drunk Uber Driver Takes Female Passenger On ‘Horrifying Ride’ (9/26/16)

Claim: Berserk Uber Driver ‘Freaks out,’ Ditches Riders in ‘Middle of Nowhere,’ Wilsonville, Oregon (9/14/16)

Alleged Uber Driver Arrested with Rider in Vehicle, Racine County, Illinois (9/12/16)

Cops: Pinellas, Florida Uber Driver Tampered with Condo Window of Females he Dropped off Earlier (9/6/16)

Uber Driver Arrested in Costa Mesa, California with Drugs, Knife, Police Say (8/17/16)

Singapore Uber Driver Jailed, Fined for Fighting with LTA Officer (8/17/16)

Federal Officer and Part-Time Uber Driver Sentenced to 5 Years for Fatal Drunken Driving Crash in Montgomery County, Maryland (8/3/16)

Lyft Driver Arrested for DWI with Passenger in Vehicle in Austin, TX (3/8/16)

Uber Driver Accused of DUI, Resisting Arrest After Crashing into a Party Bus in San Diego (3/3/16)

Lyft Driver Posts Transgender Woman’s Location To Warn ‘Hetero Males’ In The Phoenix, Arizona Area (3/1/16)

Uber Driver Arrested in Simi Valley, California After Super Bowl with BAC of .25 (2/8/16)

Uber Driver Arrested on Suspicion of DUI after New Year’s Day Crash in Los Angeles (1/4/16)

Uber Driver in Elsemere, KY, Accused of Returning to Passenger’s Home and Burglarizing It (12/1/15)

Passengers Allege Uber Driver Picked Them Up While Intoxicated in Santa Barbara, CA (11/25/15)

San Francisco Uber Driver Threatens to Rape and Kill Woman After She Cancels Her Ride (10/16/15)

Uber Driver Stopped in Chapel Hill has Three Warrants in North Carolina, including Assault with a Deadly Weapon(10/14/15)

Uber Driver Charged with Unlawful Restraint in Texas (9/27/15)

LA Uber Driver Used Gig As a Cover to Sell Drugs (8/21/15)

Arlington, Virginia Police Seeking Alleged Uber Driver in Assault (8/3/15)

Chicago Uber Driver Arrested for Threatening to Shoot Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Others (7/20/15)

UK Uber Driver Leaves Woman a Voicemail Threatening to “Cut Her Neck” after She Canceled a Ride (7/8/15)

Florida Man Faces 4th DUI while Working as an Uber Driver (6/6/15)

Qunnipiac University Student Assaulted in Presumed Uber Taxi (4/1/15)

Uber Driver in Denver Arrested After Attempting to Break into the Home of  a Passenger He Had Dropped Off at the Airport (3/31/15)


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Four Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Riders Believed They Were in an Uber, Moments Later They Were Screaming to be Let Free (8/12/18)

Stolen Car Suspect Picked Up By Fake Lyft Driver In Gresham, Ohio (6/4/18)

Fake Uber Driver Accused of Raping Two Students In Atlanta, Georgia (4/24/18)

Orlando, Florida Man Pretends to Be Uber Driver, Takes Off With Unconscious Passenger (4/19/18)

Fake Uber Driver Beat, Assaulted Woman in San Francisco, California (4/17/18)

Man Posing As Uber Driver In New Delhi, India Accused of Kidnapping and Sexually Assaulting Woman (3/13/18)

Los Angeles, California Man Allegedly Posed As Uber Driver To Lure And Rape Seven Women (2/27/18)

Charlotte, North Carolina Man Allegedly Robbed By Fake Uber Driver (1/17/18)

Fake Uber Driver Arrested For Scamming Customers, Sexually Assaulting Them in Ottawa, Canada (1/16/18)

Richland County, South Carolina Man Allegedly Sexually Assaults Woman, Tells Her Friends He is and Uber Driver (1/8/18)

Honolulu, Hawaii Passengers Robbed and Assaulted by Fake Uber Driver (12/10/17)

Columbia, South Carolina Students Warned of Fake Ride-Hail Driver Holding Women Against Their Will (12/5/17)

Cincinnati, Ohio Man Posed as Uber Driver, Assaulted Woman, Police Say (12/2/17)

Boone, North Carolina Woman Claims Man Posing as Uber Driver Sexually Assaulted Her (11/3/17)

Alleged Rapist in Kansas City, Missouri Who Posed As Uber Driver in Custody (11/2/17)

Milton, Massachusetts Women Warned About Man Posing As Ride-Sharing Driver (10/18/17)

New Orleans, Louisiana Man Robbed By Fake Uber Driver (10/13/17)

Chicago, Illinois Man Posing as Uber Driver Picked up Women Outside Bars and Raped Them, Prosecutors Say (9/30/17)

Teenage Driver on Mother’s Lyft Account Avoids Charges After Passenger Dies in Crash in Lantana, Florida (9/20/17)

Uber Imposters Accused of Sexually Assaulting Woman in Toronto, Canada (9/12/17)

Fake Uber Driver Allegedly Sexually Assaults Toronto, Canada Woman (8/22/17)

Police: Man Posing As Uber Driver Attempts to Rape Asheville, North Carolina Woman (8/1/17)

Fake Uber Driver Arrested for Sexual Assault in Beverly Hills, California (7/31/17)

Montreal, Canada Woman Says She Was Assaulted By Fake Uber Driver (7/27/17)

Fake Uber Driver Sought In Connection With Beavercreek, Ohio Sexual Assault (7/26/17)

Fake Uber, Lyft Drivers Robbing Passengers At Gunpoint In Chicago, Illinois (7/12/17)

Two Women Posing as Uber Drivers Choke, Rob Passenger in Atlanta, Georgia (7/10/17)

Police: Man Posing as Uber Driver in Minneapolis, Minnesota Sexually Assaults Woman Passenger (7/7/17)

Man In Melbourne, Australia Posed As Uber Driver To Sexually Assault Woman (6/30/17)

New Orleans, Louisiana Police: Phony Uber driver robbed man, dragged him down street (6/8/17)

Man stabbed in Bethesda, Maryland after ride in what he thought was Uber or taxi (6/7/17)

Los Angeles, California police seek rape suspect mistaken for Uber driver (5/10/17)

Atlanta, Georgia Uber imposter reportedly rapes, robs woman passenger (5/3/17)

Man claiming to be Uber driver sexually assaults Bowling Green Ohio woman, reports say (5/2/17)

Man stranded after person poses as Lyft driver, in Memphis, Tennessee  (4/28/17)

Guelph, Canada man accused of posing as Uber driver (4/19/17)

North Suburban Man Impersonating Uber Driver Sexually Assaulted 2 Women: Skokie, Illinois Police (3/22/17)

Intoxicated Bangor, Maine group attacked by fake Uber driver (3/21/17)

Fake Uber driver allegedly gropes woman in Omaha, Nebraska (3/14/17)

Man: Women Posing as Uber Driver Robbed Him in New Orleans, Lousiana (3/13/17)

Providence, Rhode Island police: Man posing as Uber driver sexually assaulted girl, 15 (2/23/17)

Warning over ‘fake Ubers’ on Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia (1/22/17)

Ohio State student says she was attacked by fake Lyft driver (1/16/17)

Police: Fake Rideshare Driver Scams Passenger For $1K in Chicago, Illinois (12/13/16)

24-Year-Old Woman Kidnapped By Rideshare Driver, San Francisco, California (12/10/16)

Man Robbed by Women in SUV Posing as Uber Ride in French Quarter: New Orleans, LouisianaPolice Department (11/26/16)

Four Women Posing as Uber Kidnap Woman, Hold her at Knife Point; French Quarter: New Orleans, Louisiana Police (11/22/16)

PBSO: Lake Worth, Florida Woman Thought Car was Uber, Ends Up Robbed, Beaten (11/17/16)

Fake Uber Driver in Maserati Arrested for Sex Assault, San Deigo, California (11/16/16)

Man Assaulted Illinois Woman After Posing as Ride-Share Driver in Lakeview: Cops (11/7/16)

Texas Christian University Student Drugged, Assaulted by Imposter “Lyft” Driver (10/15/16)

Woman Sexually Assaulted by Man who Claimed to be Ride-Share Driver in Toronto, Canada (10/4/16)

Fake Uber Drivers Gouge Passengers at New York City Airports (10/5/16)

Man Posing as Uber Driver Sought by Toronto Police in Alleged Sexual Assault (10/5/16)

Boston, Massachusetts Woman Assaulted After Getting Into Vehicle She Thought Was Ride-Share (9/24/16)

Fake Uber Drivers are Scamming Tourists at US Open in Queens, New York (9/10/16)

Police: Kansas City, Missouri Man Posing as Uber Driver Kidnapped, Raped Woman (9/8/16)

Man Accused of Posing as Uber Driver, Assaulting UMass Student (9/7/16)

Couple Attacked, Kidnapped in Fake Uber Taxi in Johannesburg, South Africa (8/30/16)

Man  Pretended to be Uber Driver Accused of Raping Woman in Atlanta, Georgia (8/29/16)

University of Florida Police Seek Fake Uber Driver (8/23/16)

Police: Fake Uber Driver Tries to Sexually Assault Woman in Woodbury, New York (8/22/16)

Man Posing As LYFT Driver Wanted For Murder in Carrollton, Texas (8/11/16)

Fake Uber Driver tries to Kidnap Ocean Beach, California Woman (7/26/16)

Naples, Florida Woman Victim of Fake Uber Driver (6/20/16)

Woman, 24, Robbed by Fake Manhattan, New York Uber Driver who Threatened to Rape, Shoot Her (6/1/16)

“He Yelled to Get in His Car”; Fake Uber Driver Reportedly Targeting Women in Riverwest, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (5/29/16)

Los Angeles, California Man Posed as an Uber Driver, Lured a Woman Waiting for a Ride Into His Car, Where He Choked Her Unconscious Several Times and Sexually Assaulted Her (4/12/16)

A Man Who Posed As An Uber Driver Is Accused of Raping a Woman in Hamden, CT (2/27/16)

Toronto Police Warn Uber Users After Report of Imposters Attempting to Lure a Woman Into Their Vehicle (2/17/16)

Man Driving Car with Uber Decals Murdered, Raising Security Concerns with LA, California Police (2/9/16)

Two Men Robbed by Suspect Posing as Uber Driver in Memphis, Tennessee (2/3/16)

Harley Quinn Smith, daughter of director Kevin Smith, almost kidnapped in Los Angeles, California by Two Men Posing as Uber Drivers (2/3/16)

Women Pose as Uber Drivers in San Diego, California in Scheme to Rob Man  (12/5/15)

Man Impersonating an Uber Driver Picks Up Woman in PortlandOregon (10/28/15)

Chicago, Illinois Criminals Posing as Uber Drivers to Commit Robberies (9/22/15)

Fake Uber Driver Tried to “Lure” a Simmons College Student into a Vehicle in Boston, Massachusetts (9/14/15)

Man Posing as an Uber Driver Picked Up Two College Students in Texas (9/7/15)

Man Posing as Uber Driver Arrested for Attempting to Abduct Tallahassee, Florida College Student (9/1/15)

Fake Uber Driver Picks Up a Couple in Kansas City (6/23/15)

Man Posing As Uber Driver Sought for Sexual Assault by Washington D.C. Police (5/11/15)

False Uber Driver Sexually Assaults Passenger in Manhattan, New York (5/11/15)

Uber Imposter Reported in Dallas, Texas (10/22/14)

Man Posing As Uber Driver Robs Atlanta, Georgia Passenger (7/21/14)