Lyft offers free rides to sexual assault victims. Rideshare companies Uber & Lyft continue to allow drivers without real background checks. Identity thefts, falsified accounts and Sexual assaults continue.

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As reports of customers sexually assaulted by Uber and Lyft drivers continue to soar through out the world, both companies have offered only anecdotal and fraudulent solutions to the epidemic.

This week Lyft unveiled a program that offers 1000 free rides to assault victims contacting the RAINN Sexual Assault Hotline, a US based sexual assault hotline service.

A channel 7 Boston investigative report found that Uber and Lyft are still not performing actual background checks or identity vetting on drivers, leading to numerous incidents of stolen identity and falsified driver accounts.

This is five years after Ride Safe and numerous other news agencies and transportation safety organizations found that Uber and Lyft were not properly performing actual background checks or verifying documents uploaded to their application process.

Ride Safe is making an inquiry to RAINN as to their knowledge of the Lyft driver vetting process and fraudulent TOS terms used by the company.

Incident cards from Ride Safe’s incident database:

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