Mc Donald’s DROPS Uber Eats as Exclusive delivery provider as more assaults by drivers and cost issues are made public ahead of Uber IPO bid, PSA to franchises: DROP UBER

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*Mc Donalds drops Uber Eats as exclusive delivery provider, allowing franchises to choose other providers.

*Uber Eats Drivers suffer low pay and fraudulent wage terms.

*Numerous businesses have dropped Uber Eats over assaults on customers, drivers eating/tampering with food and fraudulent deals.

Mc Donald’s and Uber recently re-negotiated a deal for delivery services which will no longer retain Uber Eats as the exclusive delivery provider for Mc Donald’s.

From Bloomberg-

“While particulars of the deal are still being finalized, the memo said the terms will include “significantly reduced commission rates for all U.S. restaurants” and ultimately allow franchisees to use different delivery partners. Ending McDonald’s exclusive deal with Uber Technologies Inc. would open a window for other popular providers like DoorDash Inc. and GrubHub Inc. It’s a sensitive time for Uber, whose initial public offering is expected next month.”

For Mc Donald’s the primary issue of cost is at the forefront of their stated reasoning in ending the deal.

However it has been a foregone conclusion that the image attached to doing business with Uber plays a more detrimental role. The potential for any business to become criminally liable weights heavily, as Rideshare (TNC) companies like Uber and Lyft continue to generate bad publicity and promote criminal activity.

Criminal operations

In 2017 Earnest Ice cream of Vancouver abruptly ended a distribution deal with Uber siting several issues with driver conduct, selective/discriminatory business practices and fraud.

Earnest Ice cream statement concerning Uber.

Like in many other large cities where rideshare (TNC) companies operate, low income and minority communities are regularly discriminated against by surge pricing and targeted marketing schemes used by Uber and Lyft.

Numerous issues with driver conduct, pay and violations of delivery standards

*Uber eats driver confesses to murder of customer.

From Ride Safe incident records. Uber Eats driver incidents:

*Delivering to schools against policy

Eating customer’s food

*Drivers stealing food

Public urination

Uber eats in London, Public urination

Uber driver in Atlanta urinating in vehicle with customer in vehicle.

Since 2014, Uber Eats has contributed a steady and increasing number of incidents committed by their drivers that range from food tampering to Murder.

The number of incidents with Uber Eats drivers in just the last five years far exceeding the safety records of any other delivery service provider over a ten year period.

In every incident reported with Uber Eats drivers, NONE of the drivers had been given a fingerprint background check and NONE had properly informed their own insurance provider that they were operating their own vehicles as commercial delivery vehicles.

Uber does not require any of it’s drivers on the standard Uber platform or Uber Eats to inform their own insurance provider that they are operating their own vehicle commercially.

Uber Continues to obstruct law enforcement and along with Lyft make fraudulent promises of safety and insurance improvements.

Uber’s IPO snafu

The announcement of Uber’s loss of this exclusive deal with Mc Donald’s could not have come at a worse time. Uber plans to launch their highly unstable IPO on the Nasdaq by the end of April or early May.

Already, the only other rideshare IPO on the market, LYFT has suffered a continuing drop as it’s inability to sustain earnings or investment continues.

PSA to Mc Donald’s franchise owners from Ride Safe

The Mc Donald’s brand has freed your individual franchises from dedicated delivery by UberEats.

Continued business with Uber Eats places a liability on any business that can incriminate you and your employees in criminal activity. The model of business that rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft conduct on a daily basis is not just fraudulent but promotes and encourages more crime and an incentive for criminals to have jobs as Uber and Lyft drivers.

Rideshare companies DO NOT practice proper driver vetting or proper document verification to ensure that their drivers are insured for the work they do.

Ending the use of Uber Eats as a delivery provider keeps not just your brand and your own business safe but it promotes safety and prosperity through out the community.

Just one incident involving an Uber Eats driver dispatched to deliver from your location reflects badly on YOU, not just Uber.

Uber Technologies has made it clear that instead of implementing simple changes to policy and procedure that would end these meaningless and preventable incidents, they would rather continue saturating our streets with dangerous drivers, just to make more money.

Our economy survives best on INTEGRITY and the willingness to provide products and services not at a cost to employees or the public but rather as a benefit to them.

Protect your integrity, your employees and your community. Drop Uber and Uber Eats.

-Ride Safe

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