Open Letter: To Q102 Philadelphia and IHeart radio , Why are you promoting fraud & sexual assault over safe transportation?

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5-27-2019 – Neither I heart Radio or Q102 have responded to comment.

Ride Safe’s Sean Stultz forwarded this to me today.

It is a promotion by Philadelphia radio station Q102 which is an I Heart radio station.

In this promotion a Q102 employee will hand $102 dollars in cash to any Uber or Lyft driver in the Philadelphia area who happens to have Q102 tuned in on their car radio.

Taxi, Limo and Bus operators are excluded from this promotion.

As the administrator of Ride Safe, I take issue with a media outlet that overlooks multiple safety violations and a staggering record of crime and sexual assault in their own community for the purpose of a promotion.

Uber & Lyft drivers have contributed a record increase in assaults on commercial transportation customers in Philadelphia since 2014.

Last year an Uber driver in Philadelphia who had been given no fingerprint background check brutally raped a female passenger.

It was later found that just like over 98% of the Uber and Lyft drivers in the United States, this driver had lied to his own insurance company about commercial use of his own vehicle.
Rideshare drivers who do not properly report commercial use to their own insurance providers eliminate ANY AND ALL insurance for the customer.

Uber and Lyft promote this method of insurance fraud and create a convenient means of work for individuals with existing criminal records who would otherwise NEVER be cleared for employment by any Taxi, Limo or Bus service provider.

Our database has several more incidents listed on Philadelphia with Uber drivers going back to 2014 which CLEARLY show these drivers commit more assaults on customers and with far more brutality than ever recorded with the combined taxi companies of Philadelphia in OVER THIRTY YEARS.

Ride safe Incident cards from the Philadelphia area.:

Ride Safe would like to know, was this promotion an idea of the Q102 staff or was it part of a promotion I Heart radio came up with FOR the station?

The taxi drivers of Philadelphia undergo REAL background checks with fingerprint database checks.

Uber and Lyft use third party website check systems which do not include law enforcement records in several US states and other countries or a fingerprint database check.

The taxi, limo and bus providers of Philadelphia conduct routine, mandated vehicle inspections for sanitation, safety and repair.

Uber and Lyft drivers in Philadelphia, like many other cities through out the world, are under absolutely no requirement to properly maintain their vehicles by the companies they represent OR local laws.

If it was Q102 and IHeart radio’s goal to promote crime, sexual assault, fraud and unsafe transportation while insulting transportation providers who have served the
Philadelphia community for generations with far more integrity than any rideshare company, then you have accomplished this goal.

Ride Safe has submitted this letter to Q102 and IHeart radio but we have not yet received a response.

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