Petition, US lawsuit against Uber and Lyft

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Ride Safe is proud to host this petition request on behalf of the vetted and insured commercial transportation providers of the United States.

Several Taxi, limo and Bus operators have requested of Ride Safe to provide a means of legal action against Rideshare companies for proliferating  fraudulent and uninsured services.

Because Rideshares have contributed to the largest increase of commercial transportation crime ever recorded since the invention of motor transportation, it is time for them to be held accountable.  If not by the law, then by those who uphold and continue to practice the law when transporting people for money.

If you are a driver or company owner and you would like to be part of this process to be represented in a suit against Rideshare companies Uber and Lyft, sign and share this petition.


United States group lawsuit against Uber and Lyft, Petition

Petition letter:

National Group Lawsuit and criminal complaint against Rideshares on behalf of the Taxi, Limo and Bus operators and drivers of the United States

We, the ground transportation company operators and drivers of the United States wish to file legal proceedings against the companies Uber Technologies (Uber) and Lyft.

Basis for suit:

Rideshare (TNC) companies have contributed to a national increase in assaults, uninsured accidents and fraud. This is a direct result of allowances by municipal and state governments for rideshares to operate without proper insurance or driver vetting.

*By operating as a major commercial transportation provider through out several US states without proper insurance, Rideshare companies have contributed directly to a record inflation of insurance rates.

*By not requiring proper insurance and lien holder (lease, warranty, service plan) notifications from drivers, Rideshare companies have forced incidental costs and fraud onto the auto retail market.

*By not properly vetting drivers with fingerprint background checks and effective commercial driver training Rideshare companies put their own customers and the general public in danger.

A business which operates without proper regulation that impacts a large portion of the transportation market and general public safety with regular incidental costs and damages

Evidence and claims:

*Ride Safe has received documentation from Legal council working for Uber Technologies in the form of complaint compliance letters received by Wisconsin state regulation department DSPS. In these letters, Uber’s legal representatives indicate a clear agenda of fraud and admit to not properly informing Rideshare drivers of insurance and lien holder liabilities that are directly effected by operating a personal vehicle as commercial transportation.
Item A1: DSPS Uber Binnings letter
*Complaint and letters begin on page 25

*In 2015 Rideshare companies Uber and Lyft discontinued billing customers for safety fees after Uber Technologies lost a lawsuit which established that the ‘Safe rides’ fee was not a legitimate form of billing as the company provided no safety measures, vetting or insurance liability compared to Taxi or Bus operations which ad no charges or fees for safety or insurance to customers. Uber made a $28.5 million dollar settlement with it’s customers as a result of this suit and since settlement, both Uber and Lyft have removed any added fees claiming safety or insurance coverage for customers.

*Both Uber and Lyft maintain customer usage agreements and driver contracting that contain several fraudulent terms of usage and provider relations. The effect of this being a removal of insurance and incidental liability on the part of Uber and Lyft as a form of savings resulting from incidental costs and liability being fraudulently forced upon customers, drivers and the general public.

Uber customer TOS (usage agreement):

Lyft customer TOS (usage agreement):

Uber driver contract:

Lyft Driver contract:

Each of these documents contain liability waivers and liability claims that entrap rideshare customers and drivers in a clearly fraudulent agreement. In themselves, these agreements would not be criminally negligent if these services did not involve public streets or damages to public property resulting from the service provided.
Unfortunately these services DO involve the public, public infrastructures and other commercial transportation providers that DO carry proper vetting and insurance for their operations as a matter of public record for each driver and each vehicle.

We intend to seek legal representation for the purposes of lawsuit and any criminal complaint stemming from the repeatedly proven instances of fraud committed by both companies and forced damages to the properly vetted and insured commercial transportation companies of the US as a result.

More items will be added this petition process will allow additional evidence and claim input from those signing and involved parties.

All signatures will be kept confidential unless otherwise permitted for publication by those signing.

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