PSA: Ride Safe HEALTHY home delivery service/ COVID-19 / Safe & Healthy delivery options for community needs / Volunteer service. Madison, WI / Dane, CO Wisconsin

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Residents of Madison, WI and select areas of Dane, CO Wisconsin United States ONLY (currently, more areas may be added later.) *this post will be updated regularly*

Dispatch and Ride Dispatch during COVID-19 Pandemic.

*NOT a 24/HOUR service currently*

This service will currently operate from 6am to 5:30pm Monday through Saturday until the 5th of April or longer depending on availability and needs.

If you need delivery services, use THIS LINK:

Ride Safe Ordering page:

During the COVID-19 Pandemic Ride Safe offers this dispatch and ordering service for delivery and transportation services from approved, HEALTHY and SAFE providers.
Calls and online orders will be taken by volunteers staff, logged and accounted for for reporting to all involved and dispatch in-turn to available providers.

Currently this service is being provided FREE, at no charge to any provider or institution or individual needing order arrangements. Volunteers are made up of workers who have been laid off and would like to assist the community in organizing supply and needed relief.
This service is also intended to spur business for local taxi and livery transportation providers who meet proper health and safety guidelines to meet the needs of the community during this pandemic.

The Providers are Taxi, Limo, Shuttle, bus and other approved Livery services which are vetted and licensed through state and municipal authority which accounts for proper insurance, driver background checking and of course HEALTH and SANITATION standards on all vehicles.

CURRENTLY ONLY AVAILABLE IN MADISON, WI and limited areas of DANE County, Wisconsin

*More areas to be added as staff and resources are added*

Emergency, Disabled, Elder care, child care and at-risk Family needs are given PRIMARY consideration FIRST. If needs are not ESSENTIAL and IMMEDIATE, callers must wait until more important requests are satisfied and will be advised to call providers directly if they have already made their order arrangements for the drivers to pick up.

**Some stores have notified that they may no longer have in store shopping available or need in store order preparation staff. If your company drivers can perform shopping for customers they will be additionally compensated. Ride Safe is attempting to organize in store shoppers to prepare orders. Ride Safe will not dispatch orders or calls unless order prep and shopping are properly arranged before hand.**

Payment will be arranged directly with customers either by existing accounts or direct payment arrangements which Ride Safe will confirm before handing off to providers.

After calls are confirmed, arranged for shopping and arranged to confirm the payment will be satisfied to each provider, the orders will be called into each provider in turn.

The current que which ride safe is rotating the calls is as follows:

1- Each of the local taxi companies of madison (Union, Madison Taxi, Badger, Green Cab)
2- Additional independent livery and Limo providers approved by state DOT or Municipal is available

Orders will be dispatched equally from one provider to the next to share all incoming orders fairly among providers.

*At this time Ride Safe only has confirmation for the Local Taxi companies of Madison.*

Orders will be distributed IN TURN to SAFE and HEALTHY commercial providers who are properly insured and vetted. All drivers are checked for health and all deliveries are maintained for health and sanitation.

PLEASE abide social distancing when orders are left.

**Due to fraudulent insurance and contracting issues, health and sanitation compliance issues with Uber, Lyft, Instacart, Doordash, Grubhub, UberEats, EatStreet, Amazon Flex and Postmates app based delivery and transportation services, Ride Safe can not coordinate with these services as they pose a clear risk to public health and lack proper insurance and liability compliance. Ride Safe Urges the general public, public institutions, hospitals and private companies to avoid the use of Rideshare and app based delivery services that do not use proper insurance or follow the health and safety guidelines of traditional commercial transportation providers.**

A public health risk is posed by delivery and transportation services which are not properly insured and force customers into fraudulent service agreements which eliminate insurance, health and safety liability.

Updates on this service, involved providers and available stores where in-store shopping is available will be updated on Ride Safe’s website and Facebook page.

Ride Safe website:

Ride Safe Ordering page:

Ride Safe public facebook group:

***Additional dispatch services may be needed. Ride Safe has additional terminals at our make shift HQ and volunteers can work from home if they have a computer and a phone.

***Shopper services from drivers would be greatly appreciated from any companies willing to provide them. Drivers of course will be compensated for extra fare time charged for shopping.

Email dispatch or admin: (PLEASE be patient, staff is limited)

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