Ride Safe Orders & Dispatch

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Residents of Madison, WI and select areas of Dane, CO Wisconsin United States ONLY

Dispatch and Ride Dispatch during COVID-19 Pandemic.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic Ride Safe offers this dispatch and ordering service for delivery and transportation services from approved, HEALTHY and SAFE providers.

CURRENTLY ONLY AVAILABLE IN MADISON, WI and limited areas of DANE County, Wisconsin

Emergency, Disabled, Elder care, child care and at-risk Family needs are given PRIMARY consideration FIRST. If your needs are not ESSENTIAL and IMMEDIATE, you must wait until more important requests are satisfied.

BE SURE that if you need delivery services that you have already arranged your order with the store or restaurant you wish the delivery to be picked up from. We DO NOT do personal shopping or order arangement, just delivery coordination.

Payment will be arranged with the delivery service assigned to your call. You will either be put into direct touch with the delivery service or called for confirmation by the delivery service to arrange payment if payment is not covered by your medical provider, hospital or other public service.

Deliveries are provided by insured, vetted and SAFE providers with Taxi, Limo and approved livery services.

Hours of operation are 6am to 5:30pm

Call or text Dispatch for orders (PLEASE BE PATIENT, staff is limited): 920-266-9319

Email dispatch: justin@ridesafeworld.com (PLEASE be patient, staff is limited)

Online order form (you will be contacted by our staff in-turn after submitting the form):

Expect wait times and delays, providers and staff are limited.

Your orders will be distributed IN TURN to SAFE and HEALTHY commercial providers who are properly insured and vetted. All drivers are checked for health and all deliveries are maintained for health and sanitation.

PLEASE abide social distancing when orders are left.

**Due to fraudulent insurance and contracting issues, health and sanitation compliance issues with Uber, Lyft, Instacart, Doordash, Grubhub, UberEats, EatStreet, Amazon Flex and Postmates app based delivery and transportation services, Ride Safe can not coordinate with these services as they pose a clear risk to public health and lack proper insurance and liability compliance.  Ride Safe Urges the general public, public institutions, hospitals and private companies to avoid the use of Rideshare and app based delivery services that do not use proper insurance or follow the health and safety guidelines of traditional commercial transportation providers.**