LIVECASTS (3-21-2020) World Wide Call-in Ride Safe PSA, COVID-19 prevention measures, AVOID INSTACART, POSTMATES, UBER, LYFT, DOORDASH, GRUBHUB, EATSTREET, and other ‘gig’ app companies for deliveries.

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****Correction to previous reports & interviews:

*Drinking warm liquids DOES NOT prevent or cure COVID-19.
The use of mouth wash is still advised but not as often as previously advised.

Part 1. Check ins with Cab Companies in California, Delaware, Wisconsin and Illinois. JP Ziemer of Union Cab of Madison, WI

Part 2 Check ins with Cab Companies in California, Delaware, Wisconsin and Illinois.

Safety and health checks with Grubhub, Door dash and Eat street

Checking between app/gig/rideshare companies and traditional taxis for safety, health, insurance and background checks on drivers/vehicles for delivery services and transportation to the public during pandemic of COVID-19

Posted by Ride Safe International on Saturday, March 21, 2020

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*Drivers working for INSTACART, POSTMATES, UBER, LYFT and other ‘gig’ app companies ARE NOT following recommended safety and health advisory when conducting services.

*INSTACART, POSTMATES, UBER, LYFT and other ‘gig’ app drivers ARE NOT required to have proper insurance, submit to proper background checks or maintain safety and health standards when conducting business.

*INSTACART, POSTMATES, UBER, LYFT and other ‘gig’ app companies force the customer to waive their right to safety, health and insurance provisions when using these services.

If you require home delivery of items from any store, arrange the items for pickup directly with the store and either pick up the items yourself or arrange a traditional taxi provider to pick up and deliver.

Taxi, Limo, Bus dispatch safeguards:

WARN THE PUBLIC TO NOT USE INSTACART, POSTMATES, UBER, LYFT or other “gig” or app based services for deliveries.
Make pickup orders directly with grocery stores and have taxi providers pick up directly and deliver.
HANDLE payments with cash left at door or Credit/Debt card.
DO NOT make direct contact with customers, leave deliveries at door.
Arrange cash or check payments via envelopes at door.

1-Wash hands and check personal hygiene more often than usual

2- Temp and health checks on all drivers as they come in and leave.

3- Have hand sanitizer in all vehicles for customers regularly and a sanitizer spray to spray and wipe down surfaces after each ride given.

5- Have gloves and face masks available for drivers who may be transporting customers with a cough. Sanitize vehicles after transporting any customer with a cough.

Personal Safeguards:

1- Wash metal surfaces regularly (virus can survive for up to 9 days)
2- Avoid touching metal surfaces when out
4- Wash hands regularly, wash for 20 seconds each time
5- Eat fruits/veg UP your zinc levels and hydrate regularly.
6- AVOID THE FLU and other illness, weakens immunity.
7- Social distancing, Stay 6 to 10 ft away from others, do not breath or speak in general direction of others, avoid crowded public places. Stay in as often as possible.

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