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Over 400 customers of Rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft are assaulted by their drivers each week.

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Rideshare (TNC) services DO NOT require their drivers to:

-Provide VALID documentation on application forms

-Complete actual commercial driver training

-Complete real criminal background checks that provide criminal records in ALL 50 US states

-Provide insurance coverage for customers

Both Uber and Lyft invalidate insurance coverage and safety terms for customers in their own TOS agreements.

Uber TOS

Lyft TOS

This means that if your driver is not insured or properly checked themselves, there is no insurance on the ride and your driver has no valid criminal record check.

This is why Ride Safe had provided this FREE PUBLIC plate and company check system so you can check your Uber, Lyft or Taxi license plate to see if your driver is properly insured and vetted.

Our FREE plate check service:

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