Lyft offers free rides to sexual assault victims. Rideshare companies Uber & Lyft continue to allow drivers without real background checks. Identity thefts, falsified accounts and Sexual assaults continue.

-Rideshare companies Uber and Lyft continue to falsify safety and vetting claims.

-Lyft offers free rides to sexual assaults amid record sexual assaults committed by Lyft drivers.

Instead of actual background checks or proper driver vetting, Lyft promises algorithms to predict when your driver may be sexually assaulting you.

Hits: 382Since 2014 Ride Safe has pleaded with regulators and government officials to mandate that rideshare companies use a real background checking process on drivers. Currently the background checking and vetting procedures for Uber and Lyft neglect to check: *Criminal records in all 50 US states. *The majority of criminal history from countries outside the US. *Most criminal history beyond 7 to 10 years. *Verification of vehicle documentation including insurance policy, vehicle registration and vehicle title. *Identity of the person submitting the information during the application process. *Identity of the…