Instead of actual background checks or proper driver vetting, Lyft promises algorithms to predict when your driver may be sexually assaulting you.

Hits: 142Since 2014 Ride Safe has pleaded with regulators and government officials to mandate that rideshare companies use a real background checking process on drivers. Currently the background checking and vetting procedures for Uber and Lyft neglect to check: *Criminal records in all 50 US states. *The majority of criminal history from countries outside the US. *Most criminal history beyond 7 to 10 years. *Verification of vehicle documentation including insurance policy, vehicle registration and vehicle title. *Identity of the person submitting the information during the application process. *Identity of the…

Legal Aid for Accidents and assault

Hits: 102Ride Safe approved legal council. Legal resources for: victims of Rideshare, Taxi or other transportation provider negligence, theft or assault. Transportation providers effected by uninsured or poorly vetted transportation providers. Law Offices of Jason RichardAddress: 133 E Garfield Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53212 Hours: Open 24 hours Phone: (414) 232-1792 Ride Safe does no profit from any legal actions taken or for referrals to legal council.