LIVECASTS (3-21-2020) World Wide Call-in Ride Safe PSA, COVID-19 prevention measures, AVOID INSTACART, POSTMATES, UBER, LYFT, DOORDASH, GRUBHUB, EATSTREET, and other ‘gig’ app companies for deliveries.

*Drivers working for INSTACART, POSTMATES, UBER, LYFT and other ‘gig’ app companies ARE NOT following recommended safety and health advisory when conducting services.

Uber hiding a plague of sexual assaults, accidents and crime committed by their drivers

Hits: 1454CNN released this article Monday sighting stress issues experienced by Uber’s ‘special investigations Unit’ staff.  But the stress issues of Uber’s Special investigations Unit pale in comparison to the issues leading to that level of stress. In August of last year, Ride Safe concluded an investigation into Uber’s ‘Special Investigations Unit’ which revealed hat the organization does not address major issues with driver’s operating for Uber. Video:   Since Ride Safe attempted communications with the Special Investigations Unit of Uber, Uber technologies has shut down any public means of…

Ride Safe for Wisconsin, Safer Roads, Elimination of the sexual assault epidemic, fair pay and SAFE transportation for ALL.

Hits: 164 The transportation industry and the public now have a chance to reverse the damages caused by Rideshare Legislation in Wisconsin. This workshop is a publicly available online resource where YOU can contribute to drafting a new legislative proposal for Wisconsin which will be presented to the Ever’s administration by Ride Safe. Resources: Submit your suggestions and proposals in email to: Current outline of proposal Ride Safe presentation for transition team Governor Tony Evers & LT Governor Mandela Barnes administration 1- Causes, Effects and damages Primary Causes: A-…