Rideshare companies provide the perfect transportation, fencing and laundering fronts for Human trafficking and scams.

Hits: 241Since Ride Safe began tracking rideshare license plates and the online activity of drivers a steady progression of sex trafficking, money laundering, stolen goods fencing and even child prostitution becoming popular as a side hustle among Rideshare drivers. With further economic pressure from the pandemic and continued issues with low driver pay after more labor rights deregulations in California, Utilizing a rideshare driver account in order to aid and abet crime has become more popular than ever. Attempted sex trafficking/Kidnapping: Uber accepting driver with fake documents: *UBER STILL REFUSES…

The reality of California’s Proposition 22, the “gig” economy, and app based workers rights.

Hits: 664Currently in California, a proposition is set to be voted on this November 3rd which could change the course of labor rights through out the United States. *New Law proposed in California seeks to eliminate Employment AND Independent Contracting rights of GIG workers. *GIG/APP companies UBER, LYFT and DOORDASH raise over $180 MILLION dollars in lobbying funds to promote Proposition 22. *If passed, Proposition 22 would create a new Indentured labor class that could spread to other US states. Proposition 22 was introduced as a measure to change the…

LIVECASTS (3-21-2020) World Wide Call-in Ride Safe PSA, COVID-19 prevention measures, AVOID INSTACART, POSTMATES, UBER, LYFT, DOORDASH, GRUBHUB, EATSTREET, and other ‘gig’ app companies for deliveries.

*Drivers working for INSTACART, POSTMATES, UBER, LYFT and other ‘gig’ app companies ARE NOT following recommended safety and health advisory when conducting services.