LIVECASTS (3-21-2020) World Wide Call-in Ride Safe PSA, COVID-19 prevention measures, AVOID INSTACART, POSTMATES, UBER, LYFT, DOORDASH, GRUBHUB, EATSTREET, and other ‘gig’ app companies for deliveries.

*Drivers working for INSTACART, POSTMATES, UBER, LYFT and other ‘gig’ app companies ARE NOT following recommended safety and health advisory when conducting services.

Uber falsifies claims of ending sexual assaults committed by drivers and openly obstructs law enforcement.

Hits: 75The featured image for this article is from Ride Safe’s ‘Stultz Report’. This is to date the most comprehensive database of incidents involving Taxis, Limos and Rideshare (Uber and Lyft) drivers through out the world.   In April, CNN found that 103 Uber drivers had been accused of sexually assaulting passengers. This is the highest rate of incidents reported in commercial ground transportation in the US for the four year period CNN covered. In that same time, less than 30 incidents were reported having involved the collective Taxi companies…

Petition, US lawsuit against Uber and Lyft

Hits: 109Ride Safe is proud to host this petition request on behalf of the vetted and insured commercial transportation providers of the United States. Several Taxi, limo and Bus operators have requested of Ride Safe to provide a means of legal action against Rideshare companies for proliferating¬† fraudulent and uninsured services. Because Rideshares have contributed to the largest increase of commercial transportation crime ever recorded since the invention of motor transportation, it is time for them to be held accountable.¬† If not by the law, then by those who uphold…