Rideshare companies provide the perfect transportation, fencing and laundering fronts for Human trafficking and scams.

Hits: 280Since Ride Safe began tracking rideshare license plates and the online activity of drivers a steady progression of sex trafficking, money laundering, stolen goods fencing and even child prostitution becoming popular as a side hustle among Rideshare drivers. With further economic pressure from the pandemic and continued issues with low driver pay after more labor rights deregulations in California, Utilizing a rideshare driver account in order to aid and abet crime has become more popular than ever. Attempted sex trafficking/Kidnapping: Uber accepting driver with fake documents: *UBER STILL REFUSES…

Lyft offers free rides to sexual assault victims. Rideshare companies Uber & Lyft continue to allow drivers without real background checks. Identity thefts, falsified accounts and Sexual assaults continue.

-Rideshare companies Uber and Lyft continue to falsify safety and vetting claims.

-Lyft offers free rides to sexual assaults amid record sexual assaults committed by Lyft drivers.