Uber drivers left without cleaning and hygiene supplies during COVID-19 pandemic while company spends millions to keep fair pay and wage rights off the table and requests bail out from the government.

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On Monday Uber’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi Issued THIS letter to President Donald J. Trump seeking aid for the company and national legislation to allow Uber to continue it’s fraudulent method of independent contracting with drivers and fraudulent service agreements with customers.

Disguised as a plea to aid Uber’s drivers in an effort of relief from the effected of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the actual body of the letter speaks to a continued effort by Uber, Lyft and other app based ‘gig’ economy companies to de-regulate labor, wage and employment rights in order to continue their preferred method of business.

Two years ago, I joined labor and
business leaders to call for a new approach that would give independent workers the ability to protect
themselves and their loved ones if they are injured at work, get sick, or when it’s time to retire.

The embedded link in the letter leads to another plea by Uber and other gig/app based companies to halt regulations that seek to honor fair pay and labor rights concerning drivers who have been impoverished by Ubers fraudulent independent contractor classification of drivers.

We firmly believe that renewing the social contract is both urgent and important.
We acknowledge that developing a first-of-its-kind scheme will involve business impacts, implications for worker and consumer protection, complexity in market design and regulatory framework and the need for prudential standards.
We commit to undertaking a collaborative process that involves all stakeholders and seeks to understand and account for these through data, evidence and an open process.
We call on business, labor and government in Washington state to join us in this effort, and come together to meet this critically important challenge.

While Uber and other g’g/app based companies claim their drivers and workers are ‘Independent Contractors’ they are not allowed their own means of pay structure, pricing or management options with profit and the arrangement of services provided. This means that by all right, they are employees and not independent contractors but rather employees and entitled to full benefits, workman’s comp and unemployment insurance.

Uber’s proposal is to not only continue this fraudulent relationship but to now have US Tax payers compensate drivers for the poverty and misfortune that Uber has placed them in.

A danger to the public

At the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Uber published THIS notice concerning their actions to avert the spread of the disease and ensure drivers had sanitation supplies.

However, not long after these notices were published, numerous Rideshare groups on facebook noted that Uber WAS NOT distributing supplies to ANY of it’s drivers while also avoiding to limit the number of drivers on the road in already over saturated markets.

Ride Safe has made NUMEROUS requests of Uber, Lyft, Instacart, GrubHub, Postmates, DoorDash, EatStreet, Juno and other gig/app based companies concerning these issues of fraud and endangering the public with poor health and safety practices during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The only company to reply was Postmates, however they avoided answering any questions submitted to them concerning the health and sanitation of their drivers.

To Date, EVERY traditional Taxi company that Ride Safe has contacted was able to answer ALL of out health and sanitation questions.

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