Uber falsifies claims of ending sexual assaults committed by drivers and openly obstructs law enforcement.

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The featured image for this article is from Ride Safe’s ‘Stultz Report’.

This is to date the most comprehensive database of incidents involving Taxis, Limos and Rideshare (Uber and Lyft) drivers through out the world.


In April, CNN found that 103 Uber drivers had been accused of sexually assaulting passengers.

This is the highest rate of incidents reported in commercial ground transportation in the US for the four year period CNN covered.

In that same time, less than 30 incidents were reported having involved the collective Taxi companies of the entire United States.

It should be noted that the law enforcement and customer service response with each incident involving Taxi companies was instant and indicated each driver to law enforcement from a live dispatcher within an hour of the incidents being reported and requests made by police to taxi company live dispatchers.

Uber’s average response to reported incidents continue to delay law enforcement by several hours while forcing law enforcement officials to wade through email and text requests.   Uber routinely hides driver identities until AFTER the drivers themselves have been notified by Uber that law enforcement is actively seeking them for questioning.

This fraudulent and illegal manner of obstruction is clearly noted in Uber’s Law Enforcement response policy , known as LERT.

Section of Uber’s ‘LERT’ system indicating law enforcement must maintain a profile on Uber’s system in order to contact Uber for any legal or emergency requests. Taxi, Limo and Bus companies DO NOT force this measure of obstruction on law enforcement or the general public. They maintain LIVE dispatchers who can identify and comply with all properly submitted legal requests via phone in order to expedite for emergencies and legal requests.


Section of Uber’s LERT system terms indicating that Uber will inform drivers and customers BEFORE identifying them to law enforcement officers unless a warrant or emergency need is stated in the initial request. These requests are being forced through a contact system Uber mandates to law enforcement instead of a direct phone contact with a live person. If a Rape or Murder has occurred, Taxi, Limo and Bus companies maintain the right to IMMEDIATELY provide information to law enforcement officers without warrant in order to expedite contact to any suspect. Dispatchers are required and properly trained to confirm proper identification of law enforcement officers and requests via phone in order to do this. Taxi companies maintain the right like any business or individual to report ALL information on a suspect.

Last year USA Today reported on a software used by Uber to earmark and geo identify law enforcement officials who might be investigating or setting up sting operations on the company and it’s drivers.

On Monday Uber announced that it would be establishing a new tracking system to classify sexual assaults on it’s customers.


But no where in this latest announcement does Uber offer to actually institute any changes to prevent sexual assaults BEFORE they happen.

Classifying the incidents AFTER they happen in no way prevents them from happening in the first place.

Uber continues to permit drivers on the Uber app without a fingerprint background check, vetting of any documents provided by drivers or any actual hands on training or interview process.

Neither the Uber customer TOS or Driver contracting for Uber have been altered or changed to mandate proper vetting or accountability with insurance coverage, training or vetting of it’s drivers.



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