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A news collection database on social net exposing corruption, rime, assault and fraud resulting from the operations of Uber Technologies.

Uber Goobers
Uber Goobers
"A man who drove for Uber in New York City has been sentenced to three years in federal prison for abducting a woman who fell asleep inside his vehicle."
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Uber Goobers
Uber Goobers
Not Dangerous Job, pt. 246

"An Uber driver was stabbed in the hand by his passenger early Sunday morning.

The victim fled with a 'severe laceration' to his hand and was in critical condition because of blood loss, Bridgeport police said. The driver is now in stable condition.
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The stabbing occurred at 3:15 a.m. Sunday at East Main Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, according to police.

Detectives are trying to figure out the identity of the passenger and what led up to the stabbing, police said.

There have been a number of stabbings involving drivers of ride share services, such as Uber, over the years.

Two ride share drivers got into a fight at Bradley International Airport in April 2018 and one was arrested after being accused of stabbing the other, according to WFSB.

A Lyft driver and a female passenger were also stabbed by another passenger in Clark, N.J. in April, while a driver who worked for Uber was fatally stabbed in New York City in March, according to the Associated Press."
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Uber Goobers
Uber Goobers
"Uber Eats has announced the launch of a new 'busy area' fee, meaning you may get charged more during peak delivery times.

The popular food delivery app sent an email to its Auckland users on Monday morning, announcing the changes to fees during 'times of high demand,' effective immediately.

'During these times, you may be asked to pay a higher delivery fee to your restaurant when you place an order,' the email explains.

The fee has reportedly already been operating in Wellington but is a first for Auckland foodies.

'[It] is designed to help ensure you have a wide selection of your favourite local restaurants, even during times of high demand when selection may otherwise be limited,' the email adds."
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Uber Goobers
Uber Goobers
"Treating their workers as employees would mean the tech companies would have to guarantee a minimum wage and overtime, pay into Social Security and Medicare, and offer unemployment and disability insurance, workers’ compensation, sick leave and family leave. They would also have to reimburse workers for mileage and maintenance of their vehicles."
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Uber Goobers
Uber Goobers
"Mackenzie hasn’t been seen or heard from since Monday, June 17th.
That’s when she returned from attending her grandmother’s funeral. Friends say it was in Southern California.

That was around one in the morning at Salt Lake City International Airport. Shortly afterward, she took a Lyft ride and reportedly texted her parents she was okay.

Police say she made it to her Lyft destination. That’s where her trail goes cold."
Uber Goobers
Uber Goobers
Not Dangerous Job, pt. 245

"An Albuquerque man is facing some serious charges – he's accused of threatening to shoot an Uber driver in southeast Albuquerque.

According to court documents, the Uber driver told police he had just dropped off a passenger on the 2800 block of Vail Avenue, near Gibson and Girard.

The Uber driver said that 43-year-old Michael Collord confronted him, demanding to know his name and business in the area before blocking him in with his truck.
Complaint: Man threatens to shoot Uber driver in SE Albuquerque

The Uber driver then got out of his car and asked Collord to move his truck so he could leave.

According to the criminal complaint, 'Michael reached into his waistband stating he was going to shoot." The Uber driver was in fear that Collord was going to produce a weapon, so he lunged at him and they began wrestling.

The Uber driver called 911 and put Collord in a headlock until police arrived.

When officers showed up, they said Collord appeared highly intoxicated and they found a loaded gun inside his truck. "
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