Uber hiding a plague of sexual assaults, accidents and crime committed by their drivers

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CNN released this article Monday sighting stress issues experienced by Uber’s ‘special investigations Unit’ staff.  But the stress issues of Uber’s Special investigations Unit pale in comparison to the issues leading to that level of stress.

In August of last year, Ride Safe concluded an investigation into Uber’s ‘Special Investigations Unit’ which revealed hat the organization does not address major issues with driver’s operating for Uber.



Since Ride Safe attempted communications with the Special Investigations Unit of Uber, Uber technologies has shut down any public means of complaint or communication concerning the company or it’s drivers.

Only drivers or customers using the app have a means of communicating with the company and only then through one way communications that can only be initiated upon request through text message from the Uber app.

The CNN article also revealed that Uber’s Special Investigations Unit has been processing a volume of complaints concerning accidents, physical assaults and sexual asaults committed by Uber drivers, at a far higher rate than previously estimated.

This is a MUCH higher volume than Ride Safe had previously estimated on a world wide scale.

It is also much higher in volume than the number of incidents ever reported in a week concerning Taxi operations since the dawn of motorized commercial transportation.

Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft are not mandated by law to maintain a public reporting and vetting processes as Taxi, Bus, train, and Air transportation providers do.

The best current available record of volume in incidents would be from internet publications and trends.

This google trends record goes back to 2004,  Covering the five years prior to Uber and Lyft launching their services, 2014 when the companies began rapidly expanding world wide and the present day.

Blue indicates ‘Taxi’, Red ‘Uber’ and yellow ‘Lyft’ when each term is paired with ‘sexual assault’ and the number of times sexual assault appears on the internet with these terms. Uber maintains a staggering number compared to the others.


Ride Safe’s plate record database contains over 1119 reported plates with drivers found operating through out the United States on the Uber platform from 2017 to 2018.

Original database File:


Each of these plates has turned up a carfax record that does NOT include commercial use for the vehicle or proper insurance and lien holder notifications if the vehicle is found to be leased or under warranty.

54 of those listed have criminal records in excess of allowable limits with Taxi and Bus driver vetting.  The criminal records found include assault, sexual assault, DUI, theft and kidnapping.

Current laws allow Rideshare companies to operate drivers without proper insurance or background vetting.

This means currently, the only authority that can or would ever review these individuals for removal from the rideshare platforms would be the rideshare companies themselves.

Until, of course the driver would be removed when they assault a customer or cause another uninsured accident.





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