What a short strange TRYP it’s been. Budding Rideshare start up TRYP seeks aid from Ride Safe to fix fraudulent business model. TOO Little, TOO late.

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Yesterday I received the most shocking phone call in recent history.

Bill Crosby, the SVP of strategic Marketing for TRYP called me, taking time out of a family vacation, to speak with me for 27 minutes on the very recently launched Risheshare company TRYP. Bill seemed very honest about clearing the air and seeking help from Ride Safe in fixing major issues with TRYP’s business model.

How did this begin?

My relationship with TRYP actually began when one of their financial developers, a man by the name of Wellington Zeraus sent me a friend request on Facebook on the 19th of August.

I accepted, noticed the Rideshare startup media plastered all over his profile and delivered the typical introduction when yet another rideshare or taxi hail app company attempts to rope me in to a pitch.

Wellington identifies himself as:

SIX YEARS of promises, pleading, pitches and arguments from these companies claiming to be or do something new and different from Uber or Lyft has left me worn out and surly at each new pitch.

I hadn’t even known of TRYP. I had been debunking the ARYV scam for roughly a month but no new or note worthy companies had come up on my radar since. Aryv was such a wash out, it wasn’t even worth doing an article about it.

So I began checking TRYP.

Not even two minutes into reading their TOS, driver agreement and customer agreement pages TRYP failed to pass any sort of acceptable safety standards in their documentation and logistics.

The company is using the same surplus line insurance policy scheme as Uber and Lyft, the same driver contracting, the same customer liability waivers and the same forced arbitration schemes as Uber and Lyft.

A review of one of their first rides given brought a lot of even uglier items to light.

Notable Moments:
2:38 – he’s unable to put his payment information into the app – so he can’t get paid.
2:56 – he was paid $3.95 out of a $5.00 fare
3:33 – the company is charging a booking fee of $1.95 on every trip. Wait a minute! They’ve been telling drivers that drivers would get 100% of the fare!

Tryp’s business model is that drivers will pay them $200 a month in exchange for receiving 100% of the fares from passengers. In other words, Tryp has promised drivers if they get a trip where the passenger pays $5 – the drivers will get $5 – plus any tip. That’s their whole premise. You drivers pay us $200 a month and you’ll keep 100% of the customer’s fare.

100% means 100%, right? So, drivers would rightly expect that if the fare was $5 – they would get $5. Not $3, not $4, not $4.50… but the whole five dollars. 

That article connected me to THIS article which had me a bit mortified by the time I got through it.

What you won’t find in Tryp marketing material however is McNulty’s (TRYP CEO) tenure as Shopping.com CEO was marred by a market manipulation investigation by the SEC.

In early 2018 McNulty co-founded SupplyBloc, in which he also held the position of CEO.
According to the SupplyBloc website, it
was founded with the mission of solving the greatest problems that businesses face in global commerce and e-commerce, namely those involved with supply-chain management.

“Our solution rests on a foundation of deeply complex blockchain technology.”

SupplyBloc initially planned to sell its SUPX ICO for $1 a coin.
In May 2018 SupplyBloc “temporarily paused” its pre-ICO, amid concerns the company might potentially be committing securities fraud.
As of January 2019 SUPX has failed to materialize

Tryp Products
Tryp as an MLM company has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Tryp affiliate membership itself.
There is mention of a ridesharing app on the Tryp website, which as I understand it doesn’t exist yet.
If you click any of the app download links on the Tryp website, you’re redirected to a “coming soon” page.

Behind MLM is an online magazine that reports on MLM (milti level marketing) pyramid scams.

The breakdown of the TRYP compensation plan and operations from the Behind MLM article was even more mortifying.

No base line for this compensation plan listed. Just like with any other pyramid scam.

Recruitment Commissions
Tryp affiliates sign up and pay a monthly fee. Commissions are paid when they recruit others who do the same.
For each affiliate recruited, a Tryp affiliate receives a $50 commission.
Residual Commissions
Trip pays residual commissions based on direct and indirect recruitment activity.
Rising – recruit and maintain three fee-paying affiliates = $50 a week
Pro – pay an additional $149.99 annual fee and have a total downline of twelve monthly fee-paying affiliates = $150 a week commission
1K – have a total downline of at least twenty-four monthly fee-paying affiliates = $250 a week
2K – have a total downline of at least sixty monthly fee-paying affiliates = $500 a week
5K – have a total downline of at least one hundred and eighty monthly fee-paying affiliates = $1250 a week
10K – have a total downline of at least four hundred monthly fee-paying affiliates = $2500 a week
25K – have a total downline of at least one thousand monthly fee-paying affiliates = $6250 a week
50K – have a total downline of at least two thousand monthly fee-paying affiliates = $12,500 a week
100K – have a total downline of at least four thousand monthly fee-paying affiliates = $25,000 a week
250K – have a total downline of at least twelve thousand monthly fee-paying affiliates = $62,500 a week
500K – have a total downline of at least twenty-four thousand monthly fee-paying affiliates = $125,000 a week
It is unclear whether a Tryp affiliate needs to maintain three personally recruited affiliates to qualify for residual commissions.
With respect to “downline”, Tryp tracks an affiliate’s downline via a unilevel compensation structure.
Fancy that, a pyramid.
Tryp’s monthly membership scheme.

So, not just emulating EVERY fraudulent policy and practice used by Uber and Lyft but including a very expensive and shamelessly constructed pyramid scam targeting potential drivers while entrapping customers in an agreement even more fraudulent than anything Uber or Lyft use.

The TRYP Technologies TOS (Terms of Use) agreement as captured on 8-31-2019. The document contains several misspelled words, invalid terms and fraudulent terms such as a liability waiver and forced arbitration agreement:

If wellington had not contacted me, I likely would never have known of TRYP or that they had already convinced the Miami Dolphins VP of corporate partnerships, Steve Mullins to announce a partnership between TRYP and the Dolphins.

After the release of this article, TRYP quickly set the video on their channel to private.

Fortunately others who attended the event mirrored the video:

I of course got THIS letter off to Mr. Mullins and the Miami Dolphins as soon as I could. The more gory details of this mess I would be communicating to them in a phone meeting Ride Safe has arranged with the Dolphins.

I contacted the CTO of TRYP Taha Abbasi, the CEO Robert Mcnulty, both of the legal council contacts listed on the TRYP website requesting clarification and advising changes to their procedures.

The first shoe drops.

On the 31st I was still reserving judgement on the Pyramid operations and doing more digging when suddenly my phone rang.

It was Kevin Thompson, the attorney listed (until the 1st of September) under ‘Legal Council’ on TRYP’s website.

TRYP’s ‘Legal Council’ Page on 8-31-2019
The destination after clicking ‘Legal Council’.

I was advised by Mr. Thompson that he had not represented TRYP in over SIX MONTHS and would be sending a cease and desist notification to TRYP at once to remove his link and name mention from their website. He asked that if I was ever in contact with any TRYP representatives, to relay that he wished to have the link removed.

His tone and the conversation indicated quite clearly that his relationship with TRYP had soured due to how poorly the company was being run.

I asked him who was responsible for writing the TRYP TOS and other fraudulent documentation I had been reviewing. To that he would not answer.

The other shoe drops.

Yesterday around 10:30am Bill Crosby decided to call me. Bill Crosby is the self described SVP for strategic Growth of TRYP.

Bill Crosby’s blurb on the Tryp website captured 8-2-2019.
The proof reader at TRYP must be out “sic”,

Bill was very interested in getting Ride Safe’s help for TRYP and claimed to be entirely open to suggestions.

Nowhere in the conversation did Crosby claim that TRYP actually WOULD fix any of these issues but he did seem desperate to get something done. I sent a long list of fixes, issues with their TOS and procedure changes that could be made.

I decided to mull it over and give TRYP a chance based on the conversation with Bill. Really, the company isn’t doing anything any worse than what Uber and Lyft do. TRYP just doesn’t have the kind of lobbying, bribery and lawsuit settlement capitol that Uber and Lyft do.

It sounds revolting rolling off the tongue but why should only Uber and Lyft get to control a monopoly on transportation confidence scams, rape-for-profit, forced waivers and fraudulent third party contractor schemes?

If it wasn’t for Uber and Lyft, companies like TRYP would never have the chance to get as far as they do in building upon an already morally bankrupt Rideshare industry.

But I digress, TRYP is not just another fraudulent rideshare company. It is a perfect storm of fraud, corruption and lies that has worked it’s way into defrauding a major NFL franchise.

After my conversation with Bill Crosby, I dug deeper into the BehindMLM article , any and all TRYP related documents I could pull from their website and any more sources I could find.

Nearly every document attached to the TRYP website has spelling errors in it and fraudulent or overly evasive terms written into them.

Interviews with their executives offer only anecdotes, hollow promises and double talk.

Their CEO Robert McNulty has not only been through a rampant series of very poor administrative issues and federal prosecution but his quotes leave something to be desired.

Posted quote from McNulty’s website.

If this company had not already been defrauding investors, potential drivers and an entire NFL team, I am sure Ride Safe could have helped them.

However the damage is already done.

It would take TRYP shutting down its ENTIRE business, eliminating all of these documents, re-writing their entire business model and re-launching AFTER releasing a very in depth and honest apology for it’s behavior and business practices thus far.

Not to mention re-petitioning their deal with the Miami Dolphins with the understanding that TRYP had defrauded the team with it’s initial deal.

If TRYP were willing and able to do that, I really would be surprised.

New Rideshare scams are a dime a dozen since Uber and Lyft created the regulatory nightmare that now allows a company to operate uninsured drivers with no real background checks as a form of commercial transportation.

If TRYP wanted to do something better, they failed in the worst way possible by not just copying what Uber and Lyft have done but augmenting it with even worse practices.

After my conversation with Bill Crosby, TRYP finally removed Kevin Thompson’s link and mention from their website and added this disclaimer to their TOS page.

TOS page is still there but the disclaimer (in blue at the top) was added after speaking with Bill Crosby.

The document itself however remains there along with all of the other documentation, the driver pricing scheme and no real apologies or statements of intent and WHY the company needs to make changes have been issued.

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