Why plate reporting is so important.

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Currently Rideshare (TNC) companies and the majority of their drivers account for the largest epidemic of fraud and sexual assault in commercial transportation since the invention of the motor car.

The Ride Safe plate reporting system is THE most effective tool in exposing Rideshare (TNC) fraud, exposing rideshare crime to law enforcement and preventing assaults.

Rideshare TNC companies and the deregulations that allow them to operate are an entirely new scheme and the current law enforcement community has been unprepared and uninformed of the actual gravity of the situation.

To date, over 3500 Uber, Lyft, Ola, Postmates, Doordash and ARYV plates have been reported and checked against open records by Ride Safe volunteers.

Of those plates checked:

15% have criminal records in excess of the safety claims made by Rideshare TNC companies.

OVER 98% are operating their vehicles with absolutely no insurance because the drivers have not properly informed their own insurance carriers that they are operating as Rideshare (TNC) drivers.

3 Rideshare (TNC) drivers who had committed violent crimes, (2 had been sexual assaults) were found to have been reported BEFORE they committed their crimes to Ride Safe.

Our plate reporting system also tracks and reports Taxi, Limo and Bus companies that take advantage of lowered regulations to defraud other carriers and commit crime. But the number of crimes committed by Taxi, Bus and Limo operators, even when they operate without proper permits, pale in comparison to the crimes committed by Rideshare (TNC) drivers on a daily basis.

Each year Uber and Lyft drivers commit more sexual assaults on young women than the combined Taxi operators of North America in OVER TWENTY YEARS.

Because Rideshare (TNC) companies are new, their tactics are new.

The deregulations that allow them to operate also limit the ability of law enforcement to track and notice the exact amount of crime and fraud being committed.

While 3500 plate checks has shown a significant amount of this fraud and crime, it is only a cross section of the market and it is limited by the number of volunteers available to check open records and the number of individuals reporting plates.

Without more information from more areas and more sources, we are limited in our ability to expose Rideshare for what they are doing.

A simple picture of a Rideshare (TNC) vehicle with it’s plate number and a report of when and where it was spotted gives us an essential update and another piece of evidence.


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